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At this very moment, Emma is posting things about me and porn. I will take this opportunity to say that Emma is a sick person who has no better thing to do than bother me. Not only that, but she LIES!!!!! Anyway, here I am at school again. Ack, more retaliation!!! If, Emma didn't like torturing me, than WHY DOESN'T SHE STOP, GODDAMMIT!!!! No, I'm kidding, Emma is the benevolent patron sait of color-y scrool pars. mmmyep. I hate odd days. Spanish is the devil in a tedious disguise. Surely you agree. ACK! BELL!!!!
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I got it. Sigh.........arg. Angst sucks. Angst. Heheh. Funny word, angst. Heheh. Angst angst angst. I've got that. Arkleseziure.
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EGAD!!!!!!! I am gonna have so much stuff to post. It's gonna be huge. Maybe I'll do it in installments, for your convrnience...nah. Oh well. Almost time to go get my satan-y coat of DOOM. Yep. This will be a good Halloween. But then, what Halloween is bad?
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By the way, the date is 10/23. SCARY SHIT!!!!
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OOOOHH!!!!!!! Covert posting at school. I'm writing to you from my imprisonment in the Tech Ed computer room. Tech Ed is stupid. It's just glorified art without the creativity. Jay and I are having a wasp war, and he's kind of winning. Dorsett took my rubber band but I have 4 more, so that's no problem. I just have to figure out how to make really good wasps. It's almost time to leave. Wait no, I have 8 minutes. God, I hate Alexi. He's standing behind me right now. He left. Sometimes, he just sits and curses to himself, and then laughs. It's so pathetic. I still have 6 minutes til class is over. I think Dorsett is coming around looking at the computers. Oh, no I hope he doesn't see what I'm doing, I might get in trouble and I'm soo afraid of him. {<-----sarcasm} Ack, gotta go!
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One more...HALLOWEEN!!!!!
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More words...good things for bad reasons, parties. I shall return.
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WOOOOT!!!! No time, just words...sniper, Berkowitz, school delays, the evils of homework. I shall return.
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ARRRRRG! I am EXHAUSTED! I really don't have the energy to write a big post-y thing, so I'll give you some important words, and I'll make the big one later. Words: date, Red Dragon, movie, Nessa, Bruno, D&B, Jeff, party.
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Hi. I've discovered something. NEVER let a mutual friend come on a date with you and your girlfriend. The results are rather stupid. That's all. I'm about to go see Red Dragon. Mmm...blood. Time to go. BYE!
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WOOT!!! Today is good! The air is crisp, the temperature is nice, I'm going to Brandon's in 2.5 hours, and I HAVE A DATE TOMORROW!! Indeed, my life has definitely taken a turn towards the good side of the force. AND even though I skipped like, a week's worth of homework, I still have an A in math! AND I have a girlfriend that I actually LIKE! (no offense to Lilian of course) But WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah. This is Zack when he's happy. I'm happy. Hmmm...overcast...oh, well. No problem. And Excalibur Jr. is no more, but I had Excalibur III in reserve, so I'm all right. Fear not, citizens, for Zack-guy is here! Riiiiiiiiight. And, keeping on topic with my last post, I did NOT get a lot of homework, so I'm gonna go do the little I have now. Vanessa, I will see you tomorrow at, well you know.
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HI!!!!! I'm so HAPPY!!!!! Vanessa and I kissed!!!! (shut up, Bruno:) Joy joy joy. I actually ment to kiss her on the cheek, but it just sorta happened. I think the best things are always the most unexpected, don't you? I do. Yay yay yay. HI NESSA! GASP!!! New subject (not as cool, but still good)! I get to see WALMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEE!!!!! She's gonna be in Old Town with Bruno at the same time Nessa and I are. Because I WILL be in Old Town on Friday. This is true, because if necessary, I will fight my way there with my trusty spork, Excalibur Jr.! So do NOT get in my way, BITCHES. (Damn straight, right, Nessa?) If you are one of my teaches who are reading this (I doubt you are) I guarantee you will not get any projects, essays, or long term projects from me that you assign on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm BUSY, GOT IT? Ok. I feel better now. Byebye.
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I have a date with Nessa on Friday. I will reallly go to this one, or people will DIE. PAINfully. With sporks.
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I need a hug...
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SHIT! Shit shit shit!!! I had a kickass time at Bruno's party on Tuesday. Vanessa decided to come. We all watched a movie, and she and I were all snuggled up on the couch. It was nice. Anyway, the next day, I went home, and I TRIED to do homework, but I coulndt finish by 5:30, whcih is when I said I would meet Vanessa at Taliano's. So I had to call her, and tell her that I couldn't come, and I expected her to be at least a little disappointed, cuz I know I was. But she didn't care at all. That was good. But confusing OK...fast forward to yesterday. It was the ropes course for COA-MATT and it kicked ass as well. I climbed the climbing wall twice, and people of their own will likened me to Spider-Man. YAY! On the other hand, there were two groups, and i was in the one that neither Nessa nor Bruno were in. Oh, well, that's ok, because the second half was a big cook-out thing in Cabin John Park. It was fun, and tasty! Anyway, here comes the part that really vaporizes my bubble. Wait no, not yet. Wait, yeah, here it is: I was planning to go to the Reniassance Festival with Nessa today, except that I completely forgot that I had agreed to go to my friend Zack's (no relation) house, and so I had to decide who to piss off. But it looks as though I chose wisely, because when I called Vanessa, she said that it was ok, that it's no problem. See? She's so confusing...but I still love her. I'm still pissed off, though, and I'll tell you why: I REALLY wanted to go! But there's more: I figured "oh, well, I'm sorry I can't go with Nessa, but Bruno is taking me next Sunday, so it's ok." BUT GUESS THE FUCK WHAT?!?!? Bruno just called to tell me that his plans changed, and that HE'S GOING TODAY, TOO!!!! SHIT! Shit shit shit!!! And Zack L. is like, one of my best friends, but oh, I wanted to go to the Renaissance festival SO bad! SIGH... Oh, well...do the best with what you've got.
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Damn, I write a lot. I'm so bored...
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I don't have time to write the big huge post that I want to, so for now, I'll just give you some key words. Party, homework, date. You'll see when I write later.
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KUHFLOOMPAMUH!!!! Yesterday was a hoopy one. I GOT TO STAY AT THE STREET FESTIVAL FOR 6 HOURS. I met Nessa at 12 like I said I would (I WAS on time, so there, Nessa). At first we just walked around together, and Sarah and Walter (little siblings of me and Nessa, respectively) wouldn't stop bothering us. After a while we found Alex, and we hung out with him a while, and wh went to get Dietrich at his house, but he was evidently still asleep. (We found him later with Abraham). Then we found Jeff. Jeff is cool. We also found Jonah and Louis, and Jonah got assaulted by a cheerleader that smacked his ass, and he kept yelling GO SOMEWHERE!!, and it was very funny. I got chicken on a stick. It's a ritual. At 4 Jeff and I went to Nessa's house, cuz we wanted to watch ZIM (YAY!) but it wasn't on (BOO!), so we just hung out. Nessa and I were sitting on the couch, rather close together, and I think we disturbed Jeff. (for those of you who want more info on why Jeff might be disturbed by that, shut up and get your own life) Sorry, Jeff. Anyway, at like, 6 I went home and ate dinner, and then went to COA-MATT. Guess who I saw there? Vanessa! Isn't that neato? (<---this is not sarcasm) Anyway, then today bad things happened, namely THAT RETARD(sorry) WITH A RIFLE SHOT ANOTHER PERSON!!! This time it was a kid just walking to school. Fortunately, the kid isn't dead, but he's in critical condition. UNfortunately those retarded(sorry) police still can't catch the retard(sorry). GODDAMN!! This makes me so mad that I'm using retard like an insult, which I hate doing, but I feel is necessary in such a situation. ARG! [takes a few deep breaths] Anyway, Bruno's party is tomorrow, and I'm going, but Jeff and Vanessa and Julia aren't coming, so I have to spend several hours with other people. Oh no! More than 3 seconds without Vanessa!!! How will I live!?!?! (<----this is sarcasm). Just kidding, Vanessa, you know I can't get enough of you. :D
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HELLO!!!! How are you? Good? Good. I went to a museum today and got a cool journal-y thingy. STREET FESTIVAL TOMORROW!!!!! My parents don't know this yet, but I'm gonna go at 10 and stay until it ends. I'm gonna meet Vanessa there, which is good. I spent like three hours on the phone with her. She's a bad influence, and I'll tell you why. Today Michael and Rachel were playing outside, and I said to Nessa "I should yell out there 'having fun with your giiirlfriend?'" and I wasn't gonna do it, but she told me to, so I did, and Michael went on a murderous rampage (you know how 8-year-olds feel about LOVE) and killed EVERYONE!!! THEY'RE ALL DEAD!!!!!!! Well, actually, no, all he did was overreact and steal my CD's and break my headphones, but that's ok, cuz I got my CDs back, and I wanted new headphones anyway (he's gonna pay for them). So I guess Nessa isn't a bad influence after all...nope, she's a hoopy frood (high compliment). Anyway, yeah. That was dumb. Sarah wants to do homework now, so I must go. FOOK YEAH!!!!
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VICTORY FOR ZIM!!!! I AM HAPPY! For today I asked Nessa out. It was rather easy... But awkward. But I guess it always is. But that's not important. The important thing is SHE SAID YES, which, if you've been following this (get a life), you knew was gonna happen. So anyway, that was good. Also, Jeff and I started a cult. I'll put it on my homepage when the commandments are done...

On a FOOKier note, I've been so distracted this week, that I barely did ANY homework (don't tell my mom), so I am, as the saying goes, in DEEP SHIT. But that's ok, cuz I'm going out with Nessa on Wednesday. Joy joy joy...
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Well, I failed to do what I intended to do today, due to some unfortunate complications that came up. But, despite the fact that this pisses me off, that is not important. This is:
HOLY SHIT!!! Some whackos with a rifle are running around the county KILLING PEOPLE! But that's not what is pissing me off. The thing that is pissing me of is that they started LAST NIGHT and the STILL HAVEN'T BEEN CAUGHT!!! I mean, how hard is it to follow a van and shoot at it? Pretty hard, I guess. And the next thing: what kind of nut job does this? What would drive a someone to just KILL RANDOM PEOPLE?!?! Yeah, I know you're saying "if this is how you feel, how can you laugh your ASS off at JTHM?" I have many answers to this qusetion. (note the multi-purpose of this post: I get to projcet my views on like, 3 important issues, and yell and rant, which I've been meaning to do, just not about this) JTHM isn't real, and I know that. THIS IS REAL. These people actually pulled an actuall trigger and actually killed some real people who didn't need to die. That's another thing: Johnny never killed a non-asshole. Yeah, I'm sort of trailing off... I feel better now.
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I'll do it tomorrow, I promise, I think. Then I will be happy...
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Hi, I have something to say now, or wait, I dunno. Lalala, I HATE homework. It is the bane of my existence. DOOM. I feel dumb, because, I can't post what I really feel here because there are people that I'd rather not have reading my mind, but I've told EVERYONE about my blog, instead of just letting them find it themselves. But then, there are somethings I could psot that I REALLY want SOME people (one person) to know, but not a lot of others. Arg. This is an ongoing problem. Ongoing is a funny word. Ongoing. Going. G'wing. Heheh.
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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the continuing DOOM of my life. Actually, I'm quite content, but that was a DAMN good intro, now wasn't it? So good, in fact, that I can't think of much else to say. Maybe 4 more minutes...
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Aren't blogs useful? To Nessa: I WAS reading it, and I TOTALLY understand. I feel exactly the same way...a few more days...
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Ok, now I feel like I should explain. I like Nessa (shut up Bruno), and Nessa likes me, and people (Morgan [who is wrong], and Amelyne [who is right]) kept telling me she did, and then she didn't , and then she did, and then she didn't and I was feeling really depressed and confused, but then yesterday she told me HERSELF, and DAMN am I happy. Happy happy happy happy. Weeeeeeeee!
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