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This was a quiz. It wasn't supposed to be here. Haha, he made a mistake.
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Hahah, two hour delay on the first day of school! A good omen? I hope so.
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If all I wanted to do today is see people I hadn't expected to see, this would be a productive day. I saw Emma/Zofia while fixing my schedule at Blair, I saw Lizzi at the dentist's, and I saw Ms. Sanger at the Giant. Woohoo. MY ROOM IS ALMOST DONE!!! Soon I will move into my super cool underground lair, and life will be good. YAY!

Zack + his own room = VICTORY!
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a message
I know you will see this, Vanessa, so I'll write specifically to you. I DO still care about you and I do want to see you. I just still don't understand what happened...I really miss you.
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Well, I'm off to Deep Creek Lake tomorrow. My dad has been working on the boat all week so that we could use it. IT'S GONNA KICK ASS!!! Well, I should go pack now. Seeya next Friday!
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the rules
  1. you do not talk about fight club.
  2. you do not talk about fight club.
  3. when someone says stop, taps out, or goes limp, the fight is over.
  4. only two guys in a fight.
  5. one fight at a time.
  6. no shirt, no shoes.
  7. fights go on as long as they have to.
  8. if this is your first night of fight club, you have to fight.

In Tyler we trust.
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I think of you...
...all the time.
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FINALLY, cool stuff happens!
Yesterday I went to Tomb Raider with Brandon, Alex, and Jeff, who just got back from the beach yesterday. It sucked. Brandon came home with me and he slept over. It was fun, we saw one of those hilarious keg-can commercials, and we watched Shanghai Knights. He left this morning, and I cleaned the kitchen, then I went to Jeff's house with my bass and my amp to hang out and jam. We jammed, and we worked on a comic strip that Jeff is going to put onto his wall. (I'll also propbably tkae pictures and post it up in the section.) We (Bruno and I) had to leave at 6:30 because Jeff's family was having dinner. Bruno and I had to carry the amp back to his house together, and because of that, the best part of my day occurred. As we were walking back, Bruno's neighbor, Denise, saw us with the amp, and the guitar case on my back, and said "Hey, do you guys need a bass?" And I said "That's what this is", and she said, "Might you be interested in having another?", and I said, "Sure, what kind?" She said "Just this old Peavey fretless, I haven't used it in years, lemme go dig it out of the basement?" So now I'm trying out this AWESOME fretless bass for a week, and I'm probabaly going to buy it at the end, she said she doesn't want much, she just wants to get rid of it. And I just want to have it, so what could be bad? ...NOTHING!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!
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