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Well, I failed to do what I intended to do today, due to some unfortunate complications that came up. But, despite the fact that this pisses me off, that is not important. This is:
HOLY SHIT!!! Some whackos with a rifle are running around the county KILLING PEOPLE! But that's not what is pissing me off. The thing that is pissing me of is that they started LAST NIGHT and the STILL HAVEN'T BEEN CAUGHT!!! I mean, how hard is it to follow a van and shoot at it? Pretty hard, I guess. And the next thing: what kind of nut job does this? What would drive a someone to just KILL RANDOM PEOPLE?!?! Yeah, I know you're saying "if this is how you feel, how can you laugh your ASS off at JTHM?" I have many answers to this qusetion. (note the multi-purpose of this post: I get to projcet my views on like, 3 important issues, and yell and rant, which I've been meaning to do, just not about this) JTHM isn't real, and I know that. THIS IS REAL. These people actually pulled an actuall trigger and actually killed some real people who didn't need to die. That's another thing: Johnny never killed a non-asshole. Yeah, I'm sort of trailing off... I feel better now.
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