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and then i was like,
Wow, I haven't posted for a week. I haven't missed that much for a while. It's mostly because nothing has happened to me recently. Except for today. And yesterday. Yesterday I hung out with Louis and Brandon, and we burned stuff, like candles, shoe glue, ligther fluid, gloves, and worms. Then we went to Alex's house, and we hung out in his front yard and talked and stuff. Today, Katie had this party thang, and it was cool, even though only 7 people came. But it was fun anyway. I wore a mask and a cpae and scared little children, even though it wasn't Halloween. That was fun. At that point I was wearing Katie's costume, but mine was a bunch of CDS alex and I taped into a suit of armor. It took forever to get together, and it only covered my torso, but it looked damn cool. I was The Blazing Z, and Alex was Dr. Tacky, and we were arch-nemeses. So altogether it was fun. YAY! On saturday, some people are gonna go see Tomb Raider 2, so if you wanna come, contact me. YAY! AGAIN! Well, I should sleep, so this post is over.
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the subject formerly known as long overdue
Sorry I haven't posted in a while (Why am I apologizing? You don't care.), I've had summer school and such, and Noah is leaving tomorrow, so we've been squeezing all we could out of our last few days, like, I beat The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker!!! Man, I need a GameCube so bad. Anyway, so Health is ok, it's just long. But my teacher is cool, so no problem. It would really be no big deal, except that I need to get up at 6:30 everyday, which I did not plan on doing for at least another month. So, today I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey at the AFI, and IT WAS SO COOL!!!! I'm going to have to reread Odyssey Two, since the ending of 2001 is so enigmatic. And then I have to get the rest of the books and everything. But that's ok, like I always say (or just now), the best company is a good book. Back, to the AFI, I need to go back there more, I mean, they shoow cool movies all the time that haven't been in theaters fo forever. Like Alien, which I have never seen, but desire to. And tomorrow I will probably see Pirates of the Carribbean again with Lincoln and Abe--WHOA!!! Abe...Lincoln...hahah, never noticed that before. Anyway I will probably see Pirates of the Carribbean again with Lincoln and Abe, which is a extremely cool movie. Anyway, I gotta sleep so I can get up at...6:30. Ew.
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Or it stands for SARAH!!!!! Ok, one down, two to go.
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further confusion
OK, so who is ?Š??? The s must stand for...SATAN!!!! BeGONE, dark beast!!!!!
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Who are Marla and Fey? Do I know them? If not, how did they find my site? Ah, the mysteries of the universe...
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good things in my future? (and dark things in my past)
So, today I went museum hopping with Sebby and his gf Marissa, and like, 5 of their mutual acquaintences. None of which I knew. One of which I am very glad I know now. Her name is Amy, and she likes System of a Down, and TOOL!, and she's nice and funny, and I don't really know if I LIKElike her, but the seeds are definitely there, and I get dumb vibes like this all the time, but I think maybe she kinda liked me too, and if you are reading this Marissa, STAY QUIET (but do leave a comment), thank you. And if you are Amy reading this (which I hope is as unlikely as I think)...um...hi! Anyway, in other news, my favorite museum of the day was the Hirschhorn. IT WAS COOOOOOOL. There was on piece called "Invisible." Which was, at first glance, just a projector, but stand in front and just the right distance away, and you have the word "visible" projected onto your middle. Cool. There was also this movie thing, and it was like, black and white charcoal drawings, and the only color was blue, and the only blue thing was this like, ray that bounced off some stuff, and went through some other stuff, including people. It reminded me of a Tool video! My favorite one, though, was called "At the Hub of All Things," give or take an "all". It was like, a big cup about 5 feet across in the shape of the narrow end of an egg, the axis of which was at about an 60 degree angle to the floor, so you could look into the cup. The outside of the cup was deep blue, but if you looked directly into the cup, you saw a 5 foot disc of the deepest black you will ever see. It was so black it made space look shiny. It was so black, you could fall in and never stop. It was so black it hurt my eyes. It's the coolest thing ever etched onto my humble retinae.
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"In the dark of the night, I sense the greater presidents of ages past- Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt- all clawing desperately at the walls of their coffins with their skeletal hands, all labouring to escape their graves, to arise, and wreak terrible, zombie presidenntial vengeance upon this current administration, which has so soured the legacy which they paid for with their blood, sweat, tears, and lives." - bushflash.com
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a dilemma
If I go to sleep now, I'll be in bed until 3. Then I will stay up even later, and wake up even later the next day. So my only choice is to pull an all-nighter, and reset my biological clock. I'll get myself completely exhausted, so all I need to do is keep myself awake until a time where if I sleep, I'll wake up in the morning. That way, I'll wake up at a good time, so that when I'm tired again, it WON'T be 5:45 AM. Yes, my plan is flawless!!!!
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Here is some of the funniest shit I have ever seen:
You know. I had a great idea for the movies. No-one wants to fucking hear it, I don't know why. I was watching Terminator 2 and I'm thinking to myself, these are the most amazing stunts I have ever seen. A hundred million dollars it cost to make this film. How are they ever gonna top these stunts in a movie again? There's no way. Unless...
they start using terminally ill people...
Hear me out...
...as stuntmen in pictures.
Okay not the most popular idea ever, but I prefaced it with that. What you know, some of will probably think that's cruel, don't you? "Ooh cruel, terminally ill stuntpeople Bill. How cruel."
You know what I think what cruel is? Leaving your loved ones to die in some sterile hospital room surrounded by strangers. Fuck that! Put 'em in the movies! Whaaat? Do you want your grandmother dying like a little bird in some hospital room? Her translucent skin so thin you can see her last heartbeat work its way down her blue veins?
Or do you want her to meet Chuck Norris?
Why be so selfish as to deprive her of that thrill?
"Tom how come you dressed my grandmother up as a mugger?"
"Shut up and get off the set. Action! Push her towards Chuck."
Whurf. [Bill does a flying karate kick]
"Wow he kicked her head right off her body! Did you see that? Did you see my grammie? She's out of her misery. I just saw the greatest fucking movie of my life. Cool!"
Okay not the most popular idea ever. All I'm saying is people are dying every day, and movies are getting more and more boring.
If you wanna read the rest go here. It's fucking hilarious, you gotta see it. (Tool fans may recognize a quote or two...)
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a random thought-
The sexiest pants (on girls) are sweatpants.
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Zack Rothman says...
...MAKE COMMENTS!!! EVERYONE MUST MAKE COMMENTS!!! Or die. Anyway, yesterday was again uneventful, aside from me earning $20 from my grandparents, and playing the temporary gamecube a lot. Today, however, my life will be cooler, for I am meeting Emma in old town at 1:30. If you have nothing else to do, MEET US THERE!!! We can paint the town dark purple with the blood of our foes!! MUAHAHAHH!!!!!!
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on the other hand...
Plans changed, and I actually went to Annapolis yesterday. I woke up at 9:30, but I wasn't really awake until about 3, if you know what I mean. All I could do was go "urg" and read Fight Club. But then we rented kayaks. Then everything was hoopy. I'm oin a totally Fight Club mood. Smother beaches, shoot pandas, punch blondes, blow up office buildings, whatever. Hitting bottom. Yeah. Everyone needs a Tyler Durden in their life.
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despair, regret, depression
I really fucked it up with Vanessa. We both really messed up. It really sucks. I'm feeling depressed. I need to go rock climbing. Will someone take me rock climbing? Please?
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VEECTORY!!! (mark ii)
STUPID FUCKING COMPUTER!!!! I just wrote this whole long post, and the SECOND I press the "post & publish" button, the computer tells me that I'm dissconnected from the net! ARG! Anyway, what the entry said, more or less, was this:

OK, so now I gots the cool title thang. Anyway, yesterday Bruno, Jeff and I went to the CD Game Exchange, and I sold all my Dave Matthews. I with the help of the money I got, I got Transistor by 311, and Vapor Transmission by Orgy. Plus, Jeff gave me his copy of Tragic Kingdom, so that's another 3 CDs for less than $8! SCORE! We then went back to Bruno's house, and played old crappy PlayStation games and ate thin crust pizza until my mom picked us up. Then we played hide and seek int he dark with my sibs and cousins, and we played a Super Smash Bros. tournament on the temporary game cube. After the tournament, Jeff and I went downstairs, and he played my mom's guitar, and I played my bass, and for a time, it was good. Then Bruno came down and he was being all pissy, so we asked hi what was wrong, and we ended up dissecting his personal problems for the next hour. Jeff and I disscussed certain similar (not so) romantic experiences we have in common, and I got to vent. The good part of this (not that it wasn't good) is that Jeff and I drew another comic. The dialogue REALLY sucks, but the drawing is really good, so I'll scan that and post it up in the Creations section sometime. Anyway, by the time we were sleeping, it was 5AM. So we had a good time. Other cool stuff has happened this past week, but I don't feel like telling you about how Sebby got mad at Martin for trying to buy a ho over his phone, or how good Pirates of the Carribbean was. Tomorrow I'm going to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, with my grandparents, my sister, and my cousins, Noah and Linnea. So I'll tell you about my man TJ, the hand behind the Declaration of Independence and our 3rd president, tomorrow. Thank you, have a nice day!
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the TITLE!
Just testing out this title thing here...
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Heheh, silly Nora.
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Still nothing cool happens. I went to the International Spy Museum today. It was cool, but it felt like a big, 3-d propaganda poster. Soon I'm gonna start Health in summer school. Ick. If you';re going to health this coming week, tell me, so we can commiserate together. SOON somethign exciting will happen in my life...
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HELL YES!!! Ok, count of good things to happen since I got dumped is now officially 1! MY BLOG IS WORKING!!!! Oh, well, 2 cuz Will came over and gave me Evil Empire as a late COA present. Which is DEFINITELY a good thing.
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Nothing happened for the past 2 days. My blog didn't even get fixed, so you probably aren't even reading this. The nights are sad, and the days are bitter. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. This isn't fair at all. YOU KILLED ME!!!!
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I am Jack's broken heart.
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Dumped. Again. Happy fucking fourth. Fuck everybody.
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More proof that I am not Sebastian:
queen norabelle: Zack, sebby is away
queen norabelle: will you tell me a story
DarksIdEzacky: this is true
DarksIdEzacky: oh my
DarksIdEzacky: i don't know
queen norabelle: pwease
DarksIdEzacky: our styles are very different
queen norabelle: yeah well, it's stil funnnnnny
DarksIdEzacky: hmmm
queen norabelle: you're my favorite
DarksIdEzacky: my morals are actually morals, though
DarksIdEzacky: ::sigh:: ok, then
queen norabelle: YAY
DarksIdEzacky: ONCE
DarksIdEzacky: there was a british man
DarksIdEzacky: his name was John Lennon
queen norabelle: yay
DarksIdEzacky: and he these 3 friends, Ringo, Paul, and George
DarksIdEzacky: and they had a band called The Beatles
DarksIdEzacky: and they were good
DarksIdEzacky: very good
queen norabelle: yes yes
DarksIdEzacky: their mere presence could make girls just like you faint
DarksIdEzacky: and scream and all that other girl stuff
DarksIdEzacky: so they kept playing music
DarksIdEzacky: and later they got into drugs and got (im my opinion) even better
queen norabelle: heh
queen norabelle: ::Nora starts singing beatles to the dismay of her cat::
DarksIdEzacky: and John Lennon had lots of interesting thoughts about politics and sex and religion, the three thing that you must NEVER THINK ABOUT
DarksIdEzacky: so of course someone shot him
queen norabelle: awwwwww
DarksIdEzacky: the moral is:
queen norabelle: thats so sad
DarksIdEzacky: John Lennon was really cool, and really uncool people shot him, so uncool people really suck, and if you meet an uncool person like the one who shot John Lennon, hurt them
DarksIdEzacky: that was pathetic
queen norabelle: ooooooook
queen norabelle: not really
queen norabelle: it was... infromative?
DarksIdEzacky: i rant a lot better than i tell stories
queen norabelle: anyway, it made me happy
queen norabelle: thank you Zack
DarksIdEzacky: you're ever so welcome
Didn't that SUCK?
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Trying to get the error message...
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Blogger is being stupid and working ok on all my blogs but this one, so if you are reading this, a miracle has probably occurred.
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