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HELLO!!!! How are you? Good? Good. I went to a museum today and got a cool journal-y thingy. STREET FESTIVAL TOMORROW!!!!! My parents don't know this yet, but I'm gonna go at 10 and stay until it ends. I'm gonna meet Vanessa there, which is good. I spent like three hours on the phone with her. She's a bad influence, and I'll tell you why. Today Michael and Rachel were playing outside, and I said to Nessa "I should yell out there 'having fun with your giiirlfriend?'" and I wasn't gonna do it, but she told me to, so I did, and Michael went on a murderous rampage (you know how 8-year-olds feel about LOVE) and killed EVERYONE!!! THEY'RE ALL DEAD!!!!!!! Well, actually, no, all he did was overreact and steal my CD's and break my headphones, but that's ok, cuz I got my CDs back, and I wanted new headphones anyway (he's gonna pay for them). So I guess Nessa isn't a bad influence after all...nope, she's a hoopy frood (high compliment). Anyway, yeah. That was dumb. Sarah wants to do homework now, so I must go. FOOK YEAH!!!!
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