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HI!!!!! I'm so HAPPY!!!!! Vanessa and I kissed!!!! (shut up, Bruno:) Joy joy joy. I actually ment to kiss her on the cheek, but it just sorta happened. I think the best things are always the most unexpected, don't you? I do. Yay yay yay. HI NESSA! GASP!!! New subject (not as cool, but still good)! I get to see WALMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEE!!!!! She's gonna be in Old Town with Bruno at the same time Nessa and I are. Because I WILL be in Old Town on Friday. This is true, because if necessary, I will fight my way there with my trusty spork, Excalibur Jr.! So do NOT get in my way, BITCHES. (Damn straight, right, Nessa?) If you are one of my teaches who are reading this (I doubt you are) I guarantee you will not get any projects, essays, or long term projects from me that you assign on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm BUSY, GOT IT? Ok. I feel better now. Byebye.
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