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WOOT!!! Today is good! The air is crisp, the temperature is nice, I'm going to Brandon's in 2.5 hours, and I HAVE A DATE TOMORROW!! Indeed, my life has definitely taken a turn towards the good side of the force. AND even though I skipped like, a week's worth of homework, I still have an A in math! AND I have a girlfriend that I actually LIKE! (no offense to Lilian of course) But WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah. This is Zack when he's happy. I'm happy. Hmmm...overcast...oh, well. No problem. And Excalibur Jr. is no more, but I had Excalibur III in reserve, so I'm all right. Fear not, citizens, for Zack-guy is here! Riiiiiiiiight. And, keeping on topic with my last post, I did NOT get a lot of homework, so I'm gonna go do the little I have now. Vanessa, I will see you tomorrow at, well you know.
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