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KUHFLOOMPAMUH!!!! Yesterday was a hoopy one. I GOT TO STAY AT THE STREET FESTIVAL FOR 6 HOURS. I met Nessa at 12 like I said I would (I WAS on time, so there, Nessa). At first we just walked around together, and Sarah and Walter (little siblings of me and Nessa, respectively) wouldn't stop bothering us. After a while we found Alex, and we hung out with him a while, and wh went to get Dietrich at his house, but he was evidently still asleep. (We found him later with Abraham). Then we found Jeff. Jeff is cool. We also found Jonah and Louis, and Jonah got assaulted by a cheerleader that smacked his ass, and he kept yelling GO SOMEWHERE!!, and it was very funny. I got chicken on a stick. It's a ritual. At 4 Jeff and I went to Nessa's house, cuz we wanted to watch ZIM (YAY!) but it wasn't on (BOO!), so we just hung out. Nessa and I were sitting on the couch, rather close together, and I think we disturbed Jeff. (for those of you who want more info on why Jeff might be disturbed by that, shut up and get your own life) Sorry, Jeff. Anyway, at like, 6 I went home and ate dinner, and then went to COA-MATT. Guess who I saw there? Vanessa! Isn't that neato? (<---this is not sarcasm) Anyway, then today bad things happened, namely THAT RETARD(sorry) WITH A RIFLE SHOT ANOTHER PERSON!!! This time it was a kid just walking to school. Fortunately, the kid isn't dead, but he's in critical condition. UNfortunately those retarded(sorry) police still can't catch the retard(sorry). GODDAMN!! This makes me so mad that I'm using retard like an insult, which I hate doing, but I feel is necessary in such a situation. ARG! [takes a few deep breaths] Anyway, Bruno's party is tomorrow, and I'm going, but Jeff and Vanessa and Julia aren't coming, so I have to spend several hours with other people. Oh no! More than 3 seconds without Vanessa!!! How will I live!?!?! (<----this is sarcasm). Just kidding, Vanessa, you know I can't get enough of you. :D
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