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His IM is "azathothdeamon".
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FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone knows anyone named Walter Chestwood PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!
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The dream had old people, and skateboards, and people I know. This is an attempt to make you desperately curious so you will talk to me, as I am bored.
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Hihihi. We had 2 hrs off school. This is good. I had a really distressing dream last night, I don't want to put it here, so just ask me about it if you read this. If you don't already know my IM and my email, then STOP STALKING ME!!! Thank you, that is all.
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Hihihi. Here I am in Tech Ed again. Again, I'm not supposed to be posting here, but there is NOTHING else to do. I just took the math exam. If ANYONE knows how to do problem #2 on the second part of the test PLEASE TELL ME. I'm serious. fearthe1023@lycos.com SO. BORED. Lunch in 7 minutes. The Raelians are funny. You know, that UFO cult religion thing? Check it out, it'll make you laugh. Lunch in 5 minutes. So bored. But it's all good. In the next 2 weeks, i only have 3 days of school. That is a good thing. Hahaha. I've read nothing but Tolkien for two weeks, and I wrote an essay a couple days ago, and I kept writing like him. Using words like "for" and "thus". It was kinda cool, except that I was writng about a book, so it sounded weird. I'm gonna keep writing till the bell rings. In 3 minutes. Hmmm... I'm hungry. And bored. The two go together. When you're hungry, nothing seems fun but eating, and when you're bored, there is frequently nothing to do but eat. Wow. I made a realization. That was it. I think that math test de-smarted my brain for today. 1 minute. Well I'm gonna post this now. Yep.
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I woke up at 10, and got on the computer, intending to do homework. At this point, I have looked at a list of banned books, downloaded a billion fonts, talked to many people, called Vanessa, called Emily, called Will, did a search on google for His Dark Materials, did a search for pix of a Z3, read the entire sparknote for A Separate Peace, ate, surfed the web profusely, gone to Windows Update, checked my mail twice, and took a couple tests on the Spark (not in that order). As for my essay, all I have actually written is 2/5 of an outline I don't intend to use, and "A Separate Peace, by John Knowles". I've been on the computer for 8 HOURS!!!!!!!! I wish there was some job where the main activity was procrastinating. I could do that. I would be rich. I would be the CEO of Procrastoco. Eeorgh. I am so bored...call me.
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Mmmrrrrrrrgggg....I want Nessa to call me now. NOW!!!! I really want to talk to her. I hope I can see her in person tomorrow. I had cookies today!! They were like, seizure-inducingly sweet. Bad. I gave mine to Louis. Cuz he was at my house. I CREAMED him in StarCraft. I love that game. I'm just ranting. Speaking of ranting, I want you to send me ideas for a new layout for my site, it'll be a contest, and as a prize I'll put up a "Shrine To (WINNER)" page. Yeah. And I'll use your layout. Mmmyep. Big money, baby!
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Nothing really to say today, I'm going to Louis's house at 9, and Vanessa thanked me for helping her with something really important, and it made me all warm and fuzzy inside, because nothing (well, somethings...) feels better than being appreciated by someone who's appreciation you really value. Luvluvluvluvluvluvluvluvluvluvluvluv!!! Oh, I will also see Nessi tonight too. Yay for COA-MATT! Thank you, and have a nice day. Really.
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GRAMMY.com - GRAMMY Winners Search
GRAMMY Winner :Tool (Danny Carey, Justin Chancellor, Adam Jones, Maynard James Keenan),artist.
Genre: Rock
GRAMMY Category: Best Metal Performance
Year 2001 - 44th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Title of the Work: Schism
Artist Performing Work: Tool

GRAMMY Winner :Tool (Danny Carey, Justin Chancellor, Adam Jones, Maynard James Keenan),artist.
Genre: Rock
GRAMMY Category: Best Metal Performance
Year 1997 - 40th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Title of the Work: Aenema (Track)
Artist Performing Work: Tool

Yay for TOOL!
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YAY!!! Went to Julie's I watched Nessa and Julie play Unreal Tounament, listened to music, and messed around on the internet. And had many pretzels...mmmmmm...pretzels. And we had a pretzel fight in which I ended up with like, 5 pretzels in my mouth. Julie's Zack and Pierre were supposed to come at three...but they didn't. So now we are supposed to be giving them the silent treatment, which should be easy, considering i've never even MET Julie's Zack, and I hardly ever talk to Pierre anyway. I was supposed to leave at like, 5:45, to be home at 6, but the Simpsons was on, and Nessa and I were snuggled up on the couch, and it's kind of hard to voluntarily extract myself from that position. So I ended up staying there until 6:45. But the only reason I left is because everyone else was leaving. Anyway, so I got home an hour and 15 minutes late, but my dad left before I was supposed be home, and wasn't back by the time I arrived, so if you don't tell anyone, I won't get in trouble.
*SIGH*...School tomorrow. I hate that place. Actually, I hate the homework that oozes from that place. Like I have said many times before, if it weren't for homework, I would actually ENJOY school. But, no, THEY (unspecified pronoun, "they" here means THE MAN) has to always ruin all my fun.
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ARG!!! It's a snow day. And I'm sitting here at the computer, likely to be here all day. AGAIN. What I want do do is go to Julie's house and be with Nessa, but I have to take care of my helpless little siblings, while Sarah gets to hang out with her friends! All this on the chance that Sarah found somewhere to be last night, and I didn't. Arg. Argargarg. I can probably go at 2, but Julie made it sound like that would be pointless...arkleseizure. And then there's that whole issue of homework again...dammit. Well, I should probably go do my homewok now...
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Montgomery Co. Schools: Closed
Lycos Mail
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Diseased masses
Lusting for a cure
Drugged, vulnerable
Hopelessly unsure
But faithful in lies
Lies they live
Lies they sell
They vend redemption,
Heaven, hell,
Faith is a façade And the sickened think they’re strong
Addict-slaves to tragedy-
No irony they’re wrong
Anthropomorphic fairy
Residing in the sky
Shoot me up with promises
And watch me slowly die
Standing on the railing
Peer far down below
Will my angel save me now?
There’s a simple way to know
Jump – I dare you-
Jump- I dare you-
Do I scare you?
I dare you.
D i s T o R t i O n a T E d
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Anyway...hi. I'm so bored. I woke up at like 2 today, and all I've done since then is read and stare at this screen.So bored that I've again resorted to spilling my guts to the pixel people. Vanessa came over yesterday. It was fun. She said (in the midst of some..."teenage passion"...*nudge nudge*, right, stupid Louis?) that someone (Sebastian, she thinks) said that she should wear a chastity belt. We laughed about it, but it kind of bothered me. I mean...bleh. I dunno...it just makes me look (in my mind, as i imagine other people see me, or would see me if they all thought stuff like that...blitherblitherblither you get it) like some rapist or something. I dunno why but still... I don't even know why I'm defending myself; I know no one sees me like that...do they?
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Happy new years!!! HAIL SATAN!!! Hey, it's a month since I last posted. What a co-inkidink. That is an annoying word. OK.
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