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SHIT! Shit shit shit!!! I had a kickass time at Bruno's party on Tuesday. Vanessa decided to come. We all watched a movie, and she and I were all snuggled up on the couch. It was nice. Anyway, the next day, I went home, and I TRIED to do homework, but I coulndt finish by 5:30, whcih is when I said I would meet Vanessa at Taliano's. So I had to call her, and tell her that I couldn't come, and I expected her to be at least a little disappointed, cuz I know I was. But she didn't care at all. That was good. But confusing OK...fast forward to yesterday. It was the ropes course for COA-MATT and it kicked ass as well. I climbed the climbing wall twice, and people of their own will likened me to Spider-Man. YAY! On the other hand, there were two groups, and i was in the one that neither Nessa nor Bruno were in. Oh, well, that's ok, because the second half was a big cook-out thing in Cabin John Park. It was fun, and tasty! Anyway, here comes the part that really vaporizes my bubble. Wait no, not yet. Wait, yeah, here it is: I was planning to go to the Reniassance Festival with Nessa today, except that I completely forgot that I had agreed to go to my friend Zack's (no relation) house, and so I had to decide who to piss off. But it looks as though I chose wisely, because when I called Vanessa, she said that it was ok, that it's no problem. See? She's so confusing...but I still love her. I'm still pissed off, though, and I'll tell you why: I REALLY wanted to go! But there's more: I figured "oh, well, I'm sorry I can't go with Nessa, but Bruno is taking me next Sunday, so it's ok." BUT GUESS THE FUCK WHAT?!?!? Bruno just called to tell me that his plans changed, and that HE'S GOING TODAY, TOO!!!! SHIT! Shit shit shit!!! And Zack L. is like, one of my best friends, but oh, I wanted to go to the Renaissance festival SO bad! SIGH... Oh, well...do the best with what you've got.
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