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good things in my future? (and dark things in my past)
So, today I went museum hopping with Sebby and his gf Marissa, and like, 5 of their mutual acquaintences. None of which I knew. One of which I am very glad I know now. Her name is Amy, and she likes System of a Down, and TOOL!, and she's nice and funny, and I don't really know if I LIKElike her, but the seeds are definitely there, and I get dumb vibes like this all the time, but I think maybe she kinda liked me too, and if you are reading this Marissa, STAY QUIET (but do leave a comment), thank you. And if you are Amy reading this (which I hope is as unlikely as I think)...um...hi! Anyway, in other news, my favorite museum of the day was the Hirschhorn. IT WAS COOOOOOOL. There was on piece called "Invisible." Which was, at first glance, just a projector, but stand in front and just the right distance away, and you have the word "visible" projected onto your middle. Cool. There was also this movie thing, and it was like, black and white charcoal drawings, and the only color was blue, and the only blue thing was this like, ray that bounced off some stuff, and went through some other stuff, including people. It reminded me of a Tool video! My favorite one, though, was called "At the Hub of All Things," give or take an "all". It was like, a big cup about 5 feet across in the shape of the narrow end of an egg, the axis of which was at about an 60 degree angle to the floor, so you could look into the cup. The outside of the cup was deep blue, but if you looked directly into the cup, you saw a 5 foot disc of the deepest black you will ever see. It was so black it made space look shiny. It was so black, you could fall in and never stop. It was so black it hurt my eyes. It's the coolest thing ever etched onto my humble retinae.
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