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the subject formerly known as long overdue
Sorry I haven't posted in a while (Why am I apologizing? You don't care.), I've had summer school and such, and Noah is leaving tomorrow, so we've been squeezing all we could out of our last few days, like, I beat The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker!!! Man, I need a GameCube so bad. Anyway, so Health is ok, it's just long. But my teacher is cool, so no problem. It would really be no big deal, except that I need to get up at 6:30 everyday, which I did not plan on doing for at least another month. So, today I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey at the AFI, and IT WAS SO COOL!!!! I'm going to have to reread Odyssey Two, since the ending of 2001 is so enigmatic. And then I have to get the rest of the books and everything. But that's ok, like I always say (or just now), the best company is a good book. Back, to the AFI, I need to go back there more, I mean, they shoow cool movies all the time that haven't been in theaters fo forever. Like Alien, which I have never seen, but desire to. And tomorrow I will probably see Pirates of the Carribbean again with Lincoln and Abe--WHOA!!! Abe...Lincoln...hahah, never noticed that before. Anyway I will probably see Pirates of the Carribbean again with Lincoln and Abe, which is a extremely cool movie. Anyway, I gotta sleep so I can get up at...6:30. Ew.
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