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VEECTORY!!! (mark ii)
STUPID FUCKING COMPUTER!!!! I just wrote this whole long post, and the SECOND I press the "post & publish" button, the computer tells me that I'm dissconnected from the net! ARG! Anyway, what the entry said, more or less, was this:

OK, so now I gots the cool title thang. Anyway, yesterday Bruno, Jeff and I went to the CD Game Exchange, and I sold all my Dave Matthews. I with the help of the money I got, I got Transistor by 311, and Vapor Transmission by Orgy. Plus, Jeff gave me his copy of Tragic Kingdom, so that's another 3 CDs for less than $8! SCORE! We then went back to Bruno's house, and played old crappy PlayStation games and ate thin crust pizza until my mom picked us up. Then we played hide and seek int he dark with my sibs and cousins, and we played a Super Smash Bros. tournament on the temporary game cube. After the tournament, Jeff and I went downstairs, and he played my mom's guitar, and I played my bass, and for a time, it was good. Then Bruno came down and he was being all pissy, so we asked hi what was wrong, and we ended up dissecting his personal problems for the next hour. Jeff and I disscussed certain similar (not so) romantic experiences we have in common, and I got to vent. The good part of this (not that it wasn't good) is that Jeff and I drew another comic. The dialogue REALLY sucks, but the drawing is really good, so I'll scan that and post it up in the Creations section sometime. Anyway, by the time we were sleeping, it was 5AM. So we had a good time. Other cool stuff has happened this past week, but I don't feel like telling you about how Sebby got mad at Martin for trying to buy a ho over his phone, or how good Pirates of the Carribbean was. Tomorrow I'm going to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, with my grandparents, my sister, and my cousins, Noah and Linnea. So I'll tell you about my man TJ, the hand behind the Declaration of Independence and our 3rd president, tomorrow. Thank you, have a nice day!
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