d a r k s i d e

w e l c o m e t o t h e m a c h i n e


More proof that I am not Sebastian:
queen norabelle: Zack, sebby is away
queen norabelle: will you tell me a story
DarksIdEzacky: this is true
DarksIdEzacky: oh my
DarksIdEzacky: i don't know
queen norabelle: pwease
DarksIdEzacky: our styles are very different
queen norabelle: yeah well, it's stil funnnnnny
DarksIdEzacky: hmmm
queen norabelle: you're my favorite
DarksIdEzacky: my morals are actually morals, though
DarksIdEzacky: ::sigh:: ok, then
queen norabelle: YAY
DarksIdEzacky: ONCE
DarksIdEzacky: there was a british man
DarksIdEzacky: his name was John Lennon
queen norabelle: yay
DarksIdEzacky: and he these 3 friends, Ringo, Paul, and George
DarksIdEzacky: and they had a band called The Beatles
DarksIdEzacky: and they were good
DarksIdEzacky: very good
queen norabelle: yes yes
DarksIdEzacky: their mere presence could make girls just like you faint
DarksIdEzacky: and scream and all that other girl stuff
DarksIdEzacky: so they kept playing music
DarksIdEzacky: and later they got into drugs and got (im my opinion) even better
queen norabelle: heh
queen norabelle: ::Nora starts singing beatles to the dismay of her cat::
DarksIdEzacky: and John Lennon had lots of interesting thoughts about politics and sex and religion, the three thing that you must NEVER THINK ABOUT
DarksIdEzacky: so of course someone shot him
queen norabelle: awwwwww
DarksIdEzacky: the moral is:
queen norabelle: thats so sad
DarksIdEzacky: John Lennon was really cool, and really uncool people shot him, so uncool people really suck, and if you meet an uncool person like the one who shot John Lennon, hurt them
DarksIdEzacky: that was pathetic
queen norabelle: ooooooook
queen norabelle: not really
queen norabelle: it was... infromative?
DarksIdEzacky: i rant a lot better than i tell stories
queen norabelle: anyway, it made me happy
queen norabelle: thank you Zack
DarksIdEzacky: you're ever so welcome
Didn't that SUCK?
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