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Anyway...hi. I'm so bored. I woke up at like 2 today, and all I've done since then is read and stare at this screen.So bored that I've again resorted to spilling my guts to the pixel people. Vanessa came over yesterday. It was fun. She said (in the midst of some..."teenage passion"...*nudge nudge*, right, stupid Louis?) that someone (Sebastian, she thinks) said that she should wear a chastity belt. We laughed about it, but it kind of bothered me. I mean...bleh. I dunno...it just makes me look (in my mind, as i imagine other people see me, or would see me if they all thought stuff like that...blitherblitherblither you get it) like some rapist or something. I dunno why but still... I don't even know why I'm defending myself; I know no one sees me like that...do they?
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