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Hihihi. Here I am in Tech Ed again. Again, I'm not supposed to be posting here, but there is NOTHING else to do. I just took the math exam. If ANYONE knows how to do problem #2 on the second part of the test PLEASE TELL ME. I'm serious. fearthe1023@lycos.com SO. BORED. Lunch in 7 minutes. The Raelians are funny. You know, that UFO cult religion thing? Check it out, it'll make you laugh. Lunch in 5 minutes. So bored. But it's all good. In the next 2 weeks, i only have 3 days of school. That is a good thing. Hahaha. I've read nothing but Tolkien for two weeks, and I wrote an essay a couple days ago, and I kept writing like him. Using words like "for" and "thus". It was kinda cool, except that I was writng about a book, so it sounded weird. I'm gonna keep writing till the bell rings. In 3 minutes. Hmmm... I'm hungry. And bored. The two go together. When you're hungry, nothing seems fun but eating, and when you're bored, there is frequently nothing to do but eat. Wow. I made a realization. That was it. I think that math test de-smarted my brain for today. 1 minute. Well I'm gonna post this now. Yep.
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