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YAY!!! Went to Julie's I watched Nessa and Julie play Unreal Tounament, listened to music, and messed around on the internet. And had many pretzels...mmmmmm...pretzels. And we had a pretzel fight in which I ended up with like, 5 pretzels in my mouth. Julie's Zack and Pierre were supposed to come at three...but they didn't. So now we are supposed to be giving them the silent treatment, which should be easy, considering i've never even MET Julie's Zack, and I hardly ever talk to Pierre anyway. I was supposed to leave at like, 5:45, to be home at 6, but the Simpsons was on, and Nessa and I were snuggled up on the couch, and it's kind of hard to voluntarily extract myself from that position. So I ended up staying there until 6:45. But the only reason I left is because everyone else was leaving. Anyway, so I got home an hour and 15 minutes late, but my dad left before I was supposed be home, and wasn't back by the time I arrived, so if you don't tell anyone, I won't get in trouble.
*SIGH*...School tomorrow. I hate that place. Actually, I hate the homework that oozes from that place. Like I have said many times before, if it weren't for homework, I would actually ENJOY school. But, no, THEY (unspecified pronoun, "they" here means THE MAN) has to always ruin all my fun.
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