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Sometimes MTV isn't ALL bad...
ESPECIALLY when it brings you TOOL NEWS!!! A few samples:
"For months, drummer Danny Carey, guitarist Adam Jones and bassist Justin Chancellor have been jamming together, and they've already got the framework for 10 to 12 new songs."
"Tool will continue to write as a trio until mid-June, when Keenan finishes touring with A Perfect Circle. Then they'll work through the songs with their singer for another two or three months before hitting the studio, Carey said. While it's too early to get an overall read on the new songs, Carey described the material as heavier and more intense than the group's last disc, 2001's Lateralus.

'There seems to be a little more brute force going on in the music, rather than being lighter and more intricate like some of the stuff on the last record,' Carey said. 'It still has quirky time changes, but so far we've been working on really heavy stuff.'"
If I have one complaint about Tool's music (which I actually don't), it's the lack for the most part of just pure thrashing. But apperantly it's been changed for me...and MORE intense?! You can get MORE intense than Lateralus? Anyway...
In addition to rehearsing new songs from noon to 4 p.m. every day, Tool-minus-Maynard have also been putting together a DVD of footage from the Lateralus tour, which they plan to release this summer.
I think that will make for PRIME weekend of doom fuel.

Anyway, so that is extremely exciting. In other news, I'm still really bad at updating. Perhaps there will be time after homework...

Edit [4.27.04, 13:48]: Way to be optimistic, Adam. C'mon, dude, it's TOOL. But you are right AEnima was heavier, but i'm thinking it's a different kind of heavy they mean. They evolve, that's why it's called progressive.
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