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It has totally been over two years since I posted here. It is truly surreal to read back over the things i wrote and remember that time in my life. So much has changed. And so much has not changed. And both of those thoughts are equally amusing.

Anyway I am now about to go to college and I like the feeling I got from reading this and I figure, as long as I'm alive, I'll be able to write (unless something goes horribly wrong) which means I'll always be able to record what happens to me which means I'll always be able to get that feeling! Hoorah!
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I have frustrations.
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Taken from...ya'know, everyone.
Zack Rothman
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eyes closed and one finger:
back of hand:
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Amusing, huh?

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ok, well, \/\/ () () -|-
Well, I guess I'm ok. Despite my doomed-ness, I've had a pretty good time (I always do that). Went to Lizzi's a couple times to write Franken-poetry, and had a lovely time. Hit a MUTHAFUCKIN GRAND SLAM! Yes. That was good. Of course, thats my awesomeness for the rest of the season. Oh well, it was worth it. Slept over at Alex's and made a fort and blind-wrestled. Ummm...wow that was this morning. Ummm, cool rehearsal wth Joe, learned the second third of SPOONMAN. Aikido demonstration and hanging out with Nick and Joey and Madeline. Yeah, and just one review day and four exams left and then FREEDOM! Life is gooooooood!
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|) () () |\/|
OhfuckIamsodoomed. Shite.
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Today was...nothing. Slept in the morning, guitar'd, NSL'd, 8th period with Lizzi, Nora and Jacki, gardening with Grandma, failure to write English (the class) poetry, now doomed. Again. Ah, well. Um...yeah. Either way, soon life will be ok.
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More testing...
Now I am testing the posting-from-email thing. Um... I got the
layout mostly back to the way it was before...yah. Oh, shit, I fucked
up the comments...dammit.
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"I'm not dead yet!"
Hmmm...I haven't posted in about two weeks. Much has happened, but I don't care to relate it. I got a little Moleskine (tiny black book) which now serves as the jarrer of memory which I now understand my blog has been. However, this blog shall not die. It has been more or less The summer is approaching, and that means long boring days with nothing to do but WEBDESIGN! I predict the resurrection of THE DARKSIDE (the big one, with the art and quizzes and all) before the start of junior year.

Obviously the looks have changed around here. Blame that on the relaunch of Blogger, the best part of which is the BUILT IN COMMENTS! I encourage everyone to use them frequently to boost my already inflated ego. INDEED! Anyway, an improvement in layout department is also a part of the resurrection plan.

Also, if you see our Fearless Leader, Sebastian Johnson out and about, ask him to sing for you.
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