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Oops, I failed. But when I get home today, post in full I shall. Actually probably not, seeing as how I have LITERATE ART to create. I have almost finished reading The Grapes of Wrath (I'll be done by 7th period...or else), and my final project is to create an ARTISTIC REPRESENTATION of it. With no guidelines other than it has to show that I spent a "significant amount of time" on it. I think Ms. Fleischaker is a good teacher, but her final projects anger me. Anyway, it appears I have time to write, so I will do that.

--- Saturday, February 14, 2004: OK, so, more than two months ago, Valentines Day, Lizzi, Sebi, Crystal, and I took a trip to the Mall. I had a big bag of those conversation hearts, so we were never lacking in sugar. We went to the Hirshhorn museum and there was an exhibit by this guy named Douglas Gordon and it was so weird and cool and I meant to go back alone but I never did...perhaps it is still there. Anyway, we also went to the National Gallery, and looked at old stuff because Sebi wanted to. Some of it was really good (duh) and some was boring. Lizzi and I talked about William Blake and cinematic serial killers. I got a pin from a vendor guy on the Mall and he asked "Where are you folks from?" and I said "Right here," and I was wearing a baseball shirt (the kind that says TAKOMA PARK right there on the front) and he says "Ah, I see, the People's Republic of Takoma Park," and I thought that was funny. Then on the way to the Metro, Lizzi and I climbed a tree and Sebi and Crystal freaked out and disowned us because it's illegal. But fun. Once back at Takoma Metro, Sebi parted with us and Crystal, Lizzi and I walked to my house, where I gave Crystal popcorn. Then we got a ride to Bethesda from Alex's mom to see 50 First Dates with many people. It wasn't very good. Then we went to McDonalds and had a stairs VS escalator race and metro-ed back. The end!

The following Sunday was similarly awesome, but there is no time to say it, for class is over. Next time...
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