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Somebody stole my CD player. I am feeling rebellious, so I will do a QUIZ. /Survey thing. Whatever.

10 Bands You've Been Listening to Lately
10) Incubus (it was in my CD player...)
9) Tenacious D
8) Primus
7) Tool
6) Queens of the Stone Age
4) Aeris...yeah
3) Audioslave
2) King Crimson
1) Rage Against the Machine

9 Things You're Looking Forward to
9) this weekend! (dessert theater, and our next concert!)
8) friday
7) summer: family reunion, bass workshop at Berklee, El Salvador
6) lunch
5) lizzi's and mine whole day together
4) lack of school of any kind
3) sleep everynight
2) rocking out
1) senior year

8 Things You Like to Wear
8) Lake Woebegone t-shirt
7) Branches Etc. softball t-shirt
6) THE BACCHAE t-shirt (?)
5) the rainbow-y plaid
4) the blue shirt i have on now
3) non-offensive un-washed for a week pants
2) bass guitar
1) food

7 Things that Annoy You
7) thievers
6) people who steal things
5) the illogic of reality that the things good for us should be the things hardest to do
4) being annoyed
3) lack of sleep
2) hopelessness
1) evil

6 Things You Touch Everyday
5) fridge
4) various doorknobs
3) a family member
2) more food
1) your children, and i think i've been touched by them too

5 Things You Do Everyday
4) think "school sucks"
3) eat
2) think about the ones i love
1) create

4 People You Want to Spend More Time with
4) jeff + alex + louis
3) everyone in the band
2) lizzi
1) people i haven't seen in so long i can't even remember who they are

3 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
3) Fight Club
2) The Wall
1) The Matrix

2 of Your Favorite Songs @ the Moment
2) Sick, Sad Little World - Incubus
1) Ænema - Tool

1 Person You Would Spend the Rest of Your Live with
1) someone lovely

Who was the last person.......
[1] You touched? lizzi
[2] You talked to? Ms. McManus
[3] You hugged? lizzi
[4] You instant messaged? ...not sure... katie or jeff?
[5] You kissed? lizzi
[6] You yelled at? i don't remember. the last time i remeber yelling was when someone ate half my easter candy and wouldn't own up
[7] You laughed with? really really laughed? katie and leslie
[8] You had a crush on? hmmm...lizzi?

Name four drinks you regularly drink:
[1] milk
[2] water
[3] orange juice
[4] box juice

Name four random facts about yourself:
[1] suddenly i am libertarian
[2] i share a birthday with bill clinton
[3] i don't think i will be able to get into the college i want
[4] i like cheddar cheese

Name four random facts about your family:
[1] my sister dyed her hair back to a normal color
[2] my mom used to be a dancer and now she's a midwife
[3] my dad is about to join Actor's Equity
[4] my brother likes legos

Have you ever........
[1] Fallen for a friend? of course
[2] Made out with JUST a friend? no
[3] Been rejected? yes
[4] Been in lust? yes
[5] Used someone? no, i take great pains not to do that
[6] Ever been used? i think so, but i don't care
[7] Cheated? no
[8] Been cheated on? no
[9] Done something you regret? of course not
[10] Can you list a few of them? no, thank you

Do you.......
[1] i did once
[2] Have tattoos? no
[3] Have Piercing(s)? nope
[4] Have a boy/girl friend? hmmm...ask the science department
[5] Floss daily? heh
[6] Like to groove to the music? indeed
[7] Think you are cultured? quite
[8] Like to drive fast? if i could drive at all, fast is how i would do it
[9] Believe in God or the Devil? god is in the radio
[10] Believe in The Closet Monster? i AM the closet monster

Miscellaneous Questions:
[1] What should you be doing right now? programming
[2] What are you listening to? klikykliky keyboard
[3] Can you do anything freakish with your body? eye lasers
[4] Chicken or fish? chickenfish
[5] Favorite Season? anythign that starts with s
[6] Is ice cream the best thing in the world? no
[7] What would your dream date be? rock concert and dance recital and fighting aliens and throwing pennys at people from the empire state building and lizzi
[8] Silver, gold or platinum? silver
[9] Candle lit dinner in a restaurant or at home? restaurant (i can't cook...)
[10] Roses or wild flowers? flowers! spring is like a flower!
[11] Silly or serious romance? both. that’s how you know it’s awesome. (gannett put it so well)
[12] What CD is in your CD player right now? A Crow Left of the Murder - Incubus, unless whoever stole it already changed it...
[13] Who was your favourite Spice Girl? Scary. she was...scary
[14] Favorite Disney Characters? captain jack sparrow. captain hook. pirates rule.
[15] Favorite fast food? McD's
[16] Favorite book(s)? Atlas Shrugged, His Dark Materials, ORSON, Harry Potter, more...[17] Favorite Sports teams? MARYLAND/redskins/orioles/i don't really care
[18] Favorite song? lateralus/parabol(a)/ænema - TOOL
[19] What room is your computer in? this one? 223. mine at home is in the COMPUTER room. wild, huh?
[20] What is your shoe size? 9-10?
[21] Happy or Scary movies? both
[22] What will you be when you grow up? ROCK
[23] Who do you consider your best friend? the weekend of doom crew
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