d a r k s i d e

w e l c o m e t o t h e m a c h i n e


Programming is stupid. School is stupid. I'm awake but I wish I was asleep, but if I sleep in class, Ms. McManus will call my parents. Again. How I hate her. I don't really though, she's just a pain in the ass. I should be working now. INSTEAD, I think I will start in on my MUCH NEEDED update.

I will go backwards.

--- Yesterday, blew up a bottle with dry ice during 5A, which I skipped. I also tagged Lincoln, Magin, Alex B. and Josh, all in the space of a 30 seconds, reminiscent of the time I tagged Leslie, Greg, and Z. It was triumphant. Then I got pants. They are kinda tight, but comfy and HOTT. And an awesome shirt, the nature of which will be revealed later.
--- Monday, Alex, Jeff, and I went to Lizzi's after school and Alex and Jeff skanked me in an attempt to get me away from her, but they FAILED because we are too strong. And we weren't even ignoring them or anythign, they are just spiteful.
--- Sunday I destroyed a carpet and took a shower. And Lizzi came over for dinner and got interrogated by Sarah.
--- Saturday I slept through Aikido, and rode my bike to Lizzi's for SSTTR. After, I biked over to Bruno's and we headed to my house, and on the way back I popped a tire. Totally bogus. Then Jeff came over and we jammed for a while, but Jeff had to leave for some reason. So Bruno and I spent 1:20 hours in at my computer listening to THE WALL and talking and being mesmerized by the media player illustrations thing. Then Bruno was like AHHH I MUST SEE IT, so AMAZINGLY, my mom let me bike (using Bruno's un-popped bike) over to Video Americain and rent it. Then we watched it. Good stuff.

Class is over. This shall be continued.
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