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life is gooooooood!
Following Emily's lead, I present to you a fast-forward version of my life since exams ended:
Thursday Jeff comes over, I tell my mom in the car about me failing the English exam, she arranges for me to take it on Friday, Jeff and I play music for a few hours, Jeff goes home, I study, I go to Louis's, we (Jeff, Louis and I) watch crazy Don Hertzfeldt cartoons, we go to 6-12 and get Pringles, Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, Root Beer, cookies and about a pound and a half of chocolate, we go back to Louis's and stay up until 4:30 Friday morning watching the Wall, Rage Live at the Olympic Auditorium, the Wizard of Oz with the Dark Side of the Moon cued up (it worked!), drawing comics, two hours later Louis's mom wakes me up, I got to Blair for a couple hours and finish the English essay, I go back to Louis's and we watch The Royal Tenenbaums, and have a epic gun battle, and I go to a practice with Eris (Holiday?), but no Gannett, so no work, Saturday morning Aikido for the first time in a month and a half, Shinai sparring awesomeness, then Bokken seminar at 3, can't remember what I did that evening, Sunday go to WES for MLK Jr. Day, feel dead, teen group, learn of Anti-Flag concert (!!!), Monday = snow, hang out with Bruno, Issac, Louis, sledding at TPMS, lunch at Golden Star, Tuesday...Blank, Wednesday = snow = no school, other than that, BLANK, Thursday, finally back in school, take BASS to get fixed at Atomic Music, Aikido, ANTI-FLAG CONCERT = Xaq's first concert (unless the chili-cook off counts [it doesn't]), moshing 3/5 of the time, crowd surfed once, total awesome life changing experience, Friday first Odd Day of the semester, Jazz Band, after school watch Fight Club with Lizzi :) Bruno comes over, we stay up til 2 talking to...Lizzi :) Saturday, Aikido, SSTTR with Lizzi :) (I think you get the point, I'll stop doing that now) new members Jeff, Colin, Alex Spork, we go to Starbucks, mom picks Jeff and me up, we take 2 hours to get to Atomic Music to pick up fixed bass which WORKS, Sunday, babysitting at WES for $10, best Obelisk practice ever, Monday school, little else exciting, Tuesday = ...rain? = no school, Panera with Lizzi, Big Fish with lots o' people (weird movie, but good), Chuck's with Jeff and Bruno, yesterday, school again, after alskjh435820-46tue kljy4twatoi4qw]t6yu LIZZI :) YAY!
So that wasn't so fast. Oh, well, it's not for you anyway, it's for me.
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