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I'm sure you want to hear more about THIS band...
I think Parabol/Parabola [tracks 6/7 for those unfamiliar with Lateralus, for example, people who just got it recently ;)] is a love song. Like most Tool songs, there's a major theme of self discovery, however, the lyrics have a lot of "we"s and "you"s in them. I suppose he could be talking to himself, but if he's talking to another person, then WHOA. It's easy to see that love and sex are written ALL OVER it. But in a good way. Check it out.

Sorry if I'm ruining anyone's perceptions, I hate it when that happens.

PS: This theory has NOTHING to do with the video, that's another thing ALTOGETHER. Madness.

PPS: ├ćnima is like clear water, like a waterfall, and Lateralus is like blood. But not like violence. Like life and passion. Does anyone else see this?

PPPS: No, I have no life.
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