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"he's quite a clean old man, isn't he?"
  • Ice Cream For Breakfast Day = Mark's Kitchen with Lizzi + Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  • Hard Day's Night is a strange movie
  • a thought: An upside to your mom always being late to pick you up from places is that you often are the last to leave a party or gathering, so you know you're not missing anything. Unless it's one of those, guys leave, girls sleepover things. The only way to deal with one of those is to have the guys sleepover somewhere else. Yes.
  • I went to Borders today with Lizzi, and she got Lateralus at my suggestion. There's hope for her yet... :)
  • I don't like having DJs at parties. Maybe because I don't really like dancing. That's the only time I really feel self-conscious. But also becasue the DJ just assumes what stuff you want to hear, and not all of it is that great. I think it would be just as easy and probably less expensive to just like, rent a nice big stereo thing and put on your own music. That way, you can have whatever you want. Easy.
Good night.
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