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Sometimes I feel like I don't belong anywhere. It seems sometimes like everyone I know has a core of people or a certain place, where they go, and they feel safe and at home. Alex has Sheridan, Lizzi has Lumina, and even without institutions, there are groups of people that just seem so...together, not in the organized way, but like, close. I don't feel like that with anyone. Like Alex has this list now on his Xanga of things he misses, and it makes me think: what's worse, missing things, or not even having things to miss? There are people and places and groups that I value, so many I can't even list them all or fear of forgetting some, but none of them feel so close. And BANDS. You hear bands talking about how they're this great big family and their bandmates are their best friends. I have lots of fun playing music and hanging out with the bands I play with, none of them feel like family. But I bet everyone feels like this. Just one of those usual teenage angst things...I guess this post is just a sign of me going through the eternal human quest to feel a sense of belonging.

Try to keep it all in perspective, right?
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