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The blog has been devoid of substance for some time now. This is not when that changes.
Date started: Feb 23 04
Time started: 4:56

Name: XAQ (Zachary Dean Rothman)
Age: 15 years, 6 months, 4 days, 9 hours, 32 minutes
Birthday: August 19, 1988
Zodiac: Leo
Weight: ~140
Color of eyes: green right now
Hair: brown
Height: 5' 9-11"
Shoe size: 10 or so, there's no fucking standardization in this country
Glasses, contacts: zircon encrusted tweezers
Parents: a couple
Siblings: Sarah the un-slut, Big Mikey, and Emma-nem (who "came-out", so to speak, BEFORE the rapper)
Right / Left handed: right
Current place of residence: TKPK REPRESENT, YO
Previous residences: 607 Ray Drive (literally right across the street form TKPK)
Relationship status: NO VACANCY :)
Been in Love: ahhh, difficult question, this is like the SAT, the wrong answer loses points, the right answer gains points, and leaving it blank sets you where you started. you understand...
Who do you live with: mi familia
House, apartment, basement suite, other: house
When is your bedtime: whenever i'm tired / my conciense says "GO TO SLEEP OR YOU'LL BE LATE TO SCHOOL"
Do you like to drive fast: near-life experience
First car: not for a while
Best physical feature: hmmm...thatwould still be my righteous bassist arms
Fears: choking to death
Allergies: whatever metal that necklace Nessa has is made out of

Do You:
Swear: fuck yeah
Sing: not quite as well as I would like (maynard), but pretty good, i think.
Want kids: later, ok?
Get along with your parents: most of the time
Like thunderstorms: warm ones
Play an instrument: what a pointless question..........BASS
Get motion sickness: nope
Believe in yourself: yah
Want to get married: possibly
Know who that lucky someone is: no
Think you are a health freak: hahahahahNO
Want to go to college/university: i think so...of course
Like(d) high school: eh, the people make it worth it.
Believe in your friends: most of them
Believe in Santa Claus/Tooth Fairy: I DO believe in faeries, I DO, I DO
Believe in Destiny/Fate: nope
Believe in Angels/Ghosts/UFO's: I'm sure there's more life in the infinite universe.
Sleep with a stuffed animal: no
Eat broccoli/ Brussels sprouts: occasionally/no
How many rings before you answer the phone? as few as possible
Favor the snooze button: at least twice
Have a cell phone: if only

Color(s): blue like your soul
Movie(s): many many, I suppose FIGHT CLUB ans THE MATRIX are at the top
Subject(s): does Jazz Band count?
Shampoo: uhhh, whatever gets my hair clean
Cartoon Character(s): Trent Lane
Ice Cream: vanilla with chocolate chips all mixed up
Alcoholic Drink: no thanks
Sport to watch: no watching
Month: late spring/summer
Day of the week: friday/saturday
Day of the year: hmmm, the last day of school, whenever that is
Board Game: RISK
Smells: girls' hair (Lizzi :) ), mmmCookies
T.V. show(s): tv is a big barren place
Books: His Dark Materials, THGTTG, AND MANY MORE
Fast Food place: chipotle
Place to be: i don't know...WEEKEND OF DOOM, ctf, the gazebo in old town, the hill in the creek, wherever lizzi is...
Place to relax: see above (minus ctf, i suppose)
Pie: apple
Magazine: Bass Guitar
Sound: myself playing bass, breaking glass, lizzi's voice (is this getting to be too much? maybe i'll stop? nah...)
Band: TOOL
Article of clothing: various t-shirts i have
Kitchen Appliance: BLENDER
Childrens book: ummm...not the Lorax
Flowers: splowers
Childhood Memory: nebulous
Underwear: boxers? what do you want here?
Cologne/Perfume: AXE...NOT. i prefer my own special smell.
Household chore: SWIFFER
Animal: snake
Number: 42

Right Now:
Wearing: gray boxers, black holy jeans w/ duct tape, Lake Wobegon t-shirt (a favorite) big band-aid on foot to keep entrails in
Hair Style: back
Feeling: mmmLuuuuuv...
Drinking: nothang
Eating: see above
Listening to: shit, nothing...ok, now Alice In Chains
Talking to: Bruno y Jeff
Watching: the computer screen?
Reading book: 1984
Under your bed: large pillow
Whats in the trunk of your car: i dunno
People I can trust: you know who you are
CD's I own: I could give the list, but I shan't, I'll just say somwhere between 50 and 60
Piercing/Tattoos: none...yet
Times name has been in the newspaper: twice, both in the Voice, once with Louis being interviewed about taxes (?) and again with Sebi interviewed about the folk festival...classic.
Scars on my body: several, the newest being on my left foot.
Things I regret: too much. though i guess regretting one thing is too much. that's why it's regret.
Close friends i have: again, you know who you are
New friends i have met in the past year: LOTS of people, Leslie, Katie, Lizzi, Kate, Emily, Jossie, Colin, Gannett, Adam, more that i regretfully forgot but that will rectify this memory lapse by leaving comments...MARISSA, CRYSTAL, CTF PEOPLE

Summer/Winter: summer, I am SO SICK of winter
Chocolate/vanilla: vanilla WITH chocolate
Hugs/Kisses: depends on who's offering
Relationships/one night stands: relationships, of course
McDonalds/Burger King: McDonalds if I must
Adidas/Nike: Abbie Hoffman
Lipton Iced Tea/Nestea: snapple
Cappuccino/coffee: CHAI
Scary Movies/happy endings: either
Toilet paper over/under: under
Morning/Night: all in one go!
Eggs: scrambled
Showers/baths: yes, please
Coffee/tea: TEA
Strong mind/strong body: hard decision

The last (time)/ever:
Movie watched in the theatre, and with who: 50 first dates with Lizzi and other incidental people...just kinnindg, Alex, Jacki, Claire, Katie, Crystal, Bruno, Josh, StephenP
Person you talked to on the phone: Lizzi
Person you fought with: Katie
Thing you ate: atomic fireball
Person you asked out: duhLizzi
You cried: i guess about 2 months ago that time when I was slightly sick and overwhelmed with homework
You wore a skirt: probably sometime in 8th grade
You met someone new: 2 weeks ago, Crystal
Cleaned your room: Saturday
Done Laundry: Saturday
Drove a car: uhhhhh...never
Baked a cake: loooong time ago
You Drank Alcohol: last passover i guess, not much
Got trashed/extremely intoxicated: never
Been called a tease: i dunno, never in earnest
Gotten Beat up: UNDEFEATED/unchallenged
Changed who you were to fit in: god i hope never, you never know, though
Gone on a date: heehee, yesterday
Gone to the mall: wheaton...a while ago
Eaten an entire box of something in one sitting: mmmmmcheezits
Been on stage: does SSTTR count?
Been dumped: UGH, July 4th 2003
Gone skating: January 10th, 2004
Dyed your hair: last year, BLOO
Been hurt emotionally: anyone who hasn't isn't actually human
Kept a secret from everyone: yah
Wanted to hook up with a friend: not since february 4th :)
Had a crush on a teacher: ew, no
Cut your hair: not for more than 2 years...soon though
Been sarcastic: NAWWWW
Thought an animated character was hot: all those disney heroines are
Had a new kids on the block tape: What?

Who did you meet first of your friends: probably Carter, though neither of us remember it
Who's the loudest: BRUNO
Who's the shyest: Jeff at times
Who's the hottest: definitely me
Who do you go to for advice: Jeff, Alex, Louis, Bruno?, Anuja
Who do you cry to: me onsies

About the Opposite Sex:
Favorite eye color: blooooo again
Favorite hair color/style: By my heel, I care not.
Favorite article of clothing: see above
Best physical feature: smile
First thing you notice about them: gender
Turn offs: stupidity, sluttiness
Turn ons: humor, funness, sincerity
Do you have a crush: heehee, yeah....
Are you too shy to ask someone out: not that it matters right now but no

How many kids do you want: LESS THAN 4
Age to get married: waiting is
Age to have kids: see above
Your most missed memory: AHHHHHHHHHH i don't have any, that's depressing, there are certainly memories i WISH i could miss...
Goal/ Resolution: learn to read music, ROCK ON, SPIRAL OUT
What do you want to be when you grow up: inspirational
What country would you most like to visit: i dunno, england (liverpool... :) )
Best feeling in the world: mastering/writing and awesome song
Worst feeling in the world: dread/paralyzing regret
If you could have any job what would it be: BASS
Most important thing in life: all you need is love.../free expression
Where do you see your self in 5 years: college

If You Could:
Build a house anywhere, where would you: i don't know, but it would be designed by Howard Roark
Have a super power what would it be: FLIGHT
See a person from the past who would it be: John Lennon
Won the lottery what would you do if you have two days: get my uber-bass, invest

Date ended: Feb. 23, 2004
Time ended: 10:31 (with a LOT of breaks/distractions)
posted by Xaq Rothman at 22:31     


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