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yay for photoshop!
Yeah, I know, you don't have to tell me. This site is incredibly sexy. BECAUSE of photoshop. It pleases me greatly. Brendan Steigmier stole my right shoe today, and ran inside, so what I did, I went inside, and my many numerous minions brought him to me with the shoe, and I smote him mightily, ramming it down his throat. I then proceeded to flay his skin from his flesh, and made comfy moccasins from his epidermis. Except not. Really, I went inside barefoot, and was stopped by an evil security lady at which point I had to explain to her in detail where my shoes were. Fortunately, during that time, Lizzi found my shoe, which Brendan had left somewhere inside. LIZZI YOU ARE MY SAVIOR. So I was late to English. But that flaying thing, that is in Brendan's near future. And I got a 211 on my PSAT. 98th percentile, baby! Then home, then photoshop yay.

Days until freedom (exams, end of semester): 3
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