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The post without a title...
Heh, "new years reVolution". That looks a lot sillier 5 days later and not half-asleep. Oh, well. It stays, fuck you. This was a weird weekend. My parents went out of town for 5 days, so I had to stay with people Friday through Monday nights. On Friday I went to RotK at the Uptown with Will, and we saw really cool previews. Movies I want to see in 2004:
  • "Hellboy"
  • "The Chronicles of Riddik"
  • "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"
  • "The Butterfly Effect"
That excites me greatly. With DR. OCTOPUS!!! Woot. That movie will rock. And Return of the King was good, too. Muahahah. Then we went back to Will's house and watched Woodstock. It was very cool. Where the fuck was I back then? How come nobody told me about it? Oh, wait...never mind. Then we watched a few shows of this hilarious British comedy called Coupling. It's like Friends, but WAY better. Then we slept.

Saturday morning Bruno's family picked me up at 10 because we were gonna go play paintball! And we did. It was very cool. I was kinda nervous at first, cuz there were all these scary twenty somethings in camouflage, with big shiny guns and a billion extra canisters of paintballs, but once we started playing, it was alright. It sure is a rush being shot at, even if it's just paintballs. But damn, those things hurt. But either way, it still kicked ass and is definitely something I will continue to do in the future. After paintball we hung out at Bruno's house for a while, then went to Fugitive. It was fun. I finally mastered navigation of the forest in the back, so I was ruling at least as a Fugitive. As a cop I sucked. People are heavy. One time as a fugitive, Nick, Andy, and Andrew were dragging me to the jail, and I tried to kick back to hit one of 'em in the shin, but instead I got a knee in the calf, and it hit a nerve or sometign and hurt like hell. It's not quite better even now.

On Sunday all we (Bruno and I) went up to Chevy Chase Pavilion. I had reserved Fuel's (no longer quite so) new cd at a Sam Goody there like, 4 months ago, and when we went back there, the Sam Goody was GONE. And I had already put down two dollars for that CD. Bummer. We went to Borders, and with $78.85 out of my gift cards, I got:
  • Faceless - Alice in Chains
  • permission to Land - The Darkness (HAHAHAHAHAHAH, check them out, it will blow your mind)
  • It's All in Your Head - Eve6
  • As Good as Dead - Local H
  • an absurdly expensive 96-CD holder - a necessary evil
  • the latest issue of Bass Guitar magazine
Score! And I still have $11.15 left! I could get a cheap CD later! Or dare I say it...A BOOK! Whatever.

Ah, Monday. Back to school. Woke up ok, good bagel, bus, get to school, see people, receive gift of Apostrophe (') - Frank Zappa from Nick, wonder why there's no band practice, digital art - leisurely, guitar - leisurely, chemistry - ugh, moles suck, lunch - Bruno's dad doesn't use enough jelly, capture the flag on tennis courts, minimal rockage, english - space out, PE - still sucks, except for right now with badminton. Then I went home for a while, surfed the net, played bass, fed cats. Then back to Bruno's. Homework, burritos, hot chocolate, walk dogs, sleep. That book Eragon is very entertaining. It's not really deep literature, but it's a fun read.
If you can read this you're dying.
My parents get back today, and I am thankful. It wouldn't bother me so much if the place I was staying at changed, but I've been with Bruno for the past 3 days. Which is a lot of Bruno. So yeah. Ms. McManus gave the class yet another ENTIRE PERIOD to finish a project I finished close to a month ago. I can't tell is everyone in the class is just dumb, or she just sucks as a teacher. Oh well. I leave you with this:
You high fivin' mother fucker.
You hiiiiigh fivin' mother fucker.
YOU high fivin' mother fucker.
You high fiiiivin' mother fucker.
Trust Katie on issues relating to music. She knows things.
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