d a r k s i d e

w e l c o m e t o t h e m a c h i n e


I tolde this story to Patrick during oure very boring guitare "exam":
Once I was playing Capture the Flag and it was cold and I had no shoes I got frostbite and my toes fell off so I had to gather them up and glue them back to my feet and I put my socks on but when I took my socks off the glue was stuck to them and I had to pull my toes off and I tried to melt the glue but I just burned my socks and my toes into ashes so I had to make new toes out of clay.
Alle off the top ofe my head, withoute breathing. I was creative that daye. Yesterday. And destructive. But who cares? And todaye was my superlative, kinda. Muche fun. Note to self - busses are not a viable mode of transportatione right after exams. You wille be passed by 3 busses that are too fulle. It will sucke, and you will leave at 12:30 and get to where you want to be by 2. But you will get there and it will be quite pleasante. :) Goodnight.
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