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crystal clear
Yesterday night (well, technically this morning), Katie and I had a revelation about why people are cryptic online and why it's not a bad thing. I use this blog to remember my whole life, and since the beginning of high school, it's worked pretty well. I remember events and feelings that I definitely would have forgotten if they weren't here, and even if I have forgotten them, they are all here for me to rediscover. The problem is, some things that happen, I don't want to just SAY, because this is public, and I value my privacy. So I leave clues, little things that set a mood that bring me back to how I felt and why I felt it. There's really a lot more information here than you think, but it's in a form only I can recognize. And the same with all cryptic things anyone posts, I think. So the next time you read this and see something cryptic, just remember, it's not you, it's me.
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