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bored in Digital Art
- birthplace: Georgetown
- current: Takoma Park
- eye color: green/blue/gray
- hair color: brown
- height: 5'10" ish
- righty or lefty: right
- zodiac sign: leo
- names you go by: zack, xack, xaq
- your heritage: irish, ukranian
- the shoes you wore today: sharpie-improved tims
- your fears: death by suffocation
- your perfect pizza: crust, sauce, cheese
- your goals: play lots of bass, die happy
- your most overused phrase on AIM: heh
- your thoughts first waking up: mmuugrhhhh
- your bedtime: ~11:30
- your favorite memory: Louis's bar mitzvah party in 7th grade
- pepsi or coke: coke, preferably neither
- mcdonald's or burger king: mcdonalds
- single or group dates: single
- adidas or nike: SATAN
- lipton ice tea or nestea: whatever
- chocolate or vanilla: depends
- cappuccino or coffee: chai
- smoke: nope
- cuss: often
- sing: frequently alone, reluctantly in company, not very well/not a well as i would like to
- take a shower everyday: heh, no
- have a crush: good question
- do you think you've been in love: what a crazy question
- want to go to college: 70% of the time
- high school: is a necesary evil
- want to get married: eventually
- believe in yourself: yeah
- get motion sickness: never
- think you're attractive: incredibly
- think you're a health freak: no
- get along with your parent(s): mostly
- like thunderstorms: indeeeed
- play an instrument: do i need to answer this? BASS
- drank alcohol: no
- smoked: no
- done an illegal drug: no
- had sex: no
- made out: yes
- gone to the mall: yes
- eaten an entire box of oreos: no, but add that to my goals up there in layer whatever
- eaten sushi: seafood bleh
- been on stage: yes
- been dumped: yes
- gone skating: yep
- made homemade cookies: NATIONAL COOKIE DAY LAST MOINDAY IN JANUARY - the 26th!!!
- gone skinnydipping: yes
- dyed your hair: blooooo
- stolen anything: no
- played a game that required removal of clothing: ugh, yes
- if so, was it mixed company: heh, yeah
- been trashed or extremely intoxicated: no
- been caught "doing something": ...no?
- with yourself?: no
- been called a tease: no
- gotten beaten up: no
- age you hope to be married: is this when i want to get married or how long i want to be married? maybe like, 30ish - death
- numbers and names of children: i dunno
- describe your dream wedding: i dunno
- how do you want to die: for my beliefs or at ground zero in a nuclear explosion, becasue your nerves get vaporized before they can transmit the pain to your brain. your brain too, actually.
- what do you want to be when you grow up: BASS
- what country would you most like to visit: Japan, Norway, UK, India
in a significant other...
- best eye color? any is fine
- best hair color? see above
- short or long hair: long
- height: shorter than me
- best weight: not really fat? dunno
- best articles of clothing: what does this mean? best outfit or my favorite article of clothign on a girl? fuck this question.
- best first date location: i dunno
- best first kiss location: on the lips
- # of drugs taken illegally: 0
- # of people i could trust with my life: you know who you are
- # of CDs that i own: 49
- # of piercings: none
-# of tattoos: none, maybe later
# of scars on my body: several
- current clothes: XP LaserSport tshirt, green plaid flannel shirt, green cargo pants, pajamas under for fuzzy warmth.
- current mood: grrr i'm at school again
- current taste: remembering bagel
- current hair: tied back as usual
- current annoyance: this computer stool hurts my butt
- current smell: dry computer room smell
- current thing you ought to be doing: nothing
- current desktop picture: here it's blair, at home its a picture of theis really scary goth-bondage cow. ask me about it.
- current book: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
- current refreshment: I am thirsty as hell
- current worry: semester grades
- current crush: leave me alone
- current favorite celebrity: maynard, as usual
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