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This weekend was much more lively.
Friday after school Bruno and I hung out, which we hadn't done in a while. For all you who don't know, Bruno is a much cooler person one-on-one. We went to starbucks and got chai (good)/coffee (bad) and I got a black and white cookie. As usual. Then we went to my house and played cards and listened to Peach and RAtM and talked about stuff. Then he went home, and my aunt and uncle from CA came with the baby for Chanuka, and he was cute and we had fun, and Grandma and Grandpa gave me a copy of Lyra's Oxford, the sequel-type-thing to His Dark Materials, the best 3 books EVER, and Eragon which I've heard of, and looks cool, but haven't had a chance to read yet. It's with me in my backpack right now, though.

Saturday I went to CTF again, and it was good. There were only two more people than last time, but it made a big difference. It was Greg, Z, Eric, Campbell, the Dans, Leslie, and I. And nothing particulary triumphant happened, I did make some pretty valiant defensive efforts, but nothing like last time (muahahah). After that I took a bus to Silver Spring, and got really good hot chocolate from Panera. Then I walked to Bruno's and helped to his family get ready for the party, which was AWESOME. It was only Bruno, Nessa, Carter, and I, which isn't a lot of people, but we made really incredibly cool conversation. The energy was flowing. And I hadn't really talked to Nessa, just hanging out, for a long time, and it was nice. She is cool. And the (not really) best part is, we listened all the way through both Ænima AND Lateralus. Man, I love Tool. My dad is crazy. I was trying to get some money from him, cuz I didn't have much and was going to be sleeping over at Bruno's and going from there to Chuck Levin's to get a new string, and he was gonna give me a 20, but my mom says, "He doesn't need that much, just give him half," so my dad, the strict literalist that he is (not), TEARS THE 20 DOLLAR BILL IN HALF and gives the pieces to me. Nearly gave me a heart attack. It killedeveryonen else, though. Killed, like, it was funny, not homicidal.

Then Sunday I had practice with Obelisk, with our newest addition: Nessa on vocals! Woot, she was good, at least she sang. She sang more in two hours than Brigette, Mollie, and Melissa did over 2 months of weekly practice COMBINED. Martin had to dosomethingn, so we relocated to Nessa's house, and her cousin Buzz is a really good drummer, so we jammed with him,a nd it was cool. Especiallyl since I switched tunings right in the middle and made it sound good anyway. I rock.

I had more to say, but Programming is over. Two things to help me remember: we all should die and Julianna.

I know who Vicky is. ;)
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