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snow snow, high and low, wherever we go, let it blow, to and fro, hidee-ho, snow snow SNOW
SO. Here we are, back where we started, at BLOGGER. Which is better than xanga.

Friday there was "snow," therefore, no school. I met Lizzi in Old Town, then we picked up Jeff and Alex and Carter, and went to Keefa (?) Cafe, and I got a chai and muffin of superb quality, and then, the best part, I FINALLY wrote a good ringtone for Lizzi. You should hang out around her all the time so you can hear my work whenever someone calls her. Anyway. Then we went...to the CD GAME EXCAHNGE! And I got a CD by VOIVOD, which at the very least has an awesome name, if not such a great singer. Anyway then we went to Fresh Fields to get cheese for Carter's mom, and I got ROOOOOOOOOOOT beer, and we saw Juli and Nessa, and I scampered off, but for completely un-Nessa related reasons. We minus Lizzi went to Alex's and OH MY GOD we watched 12 Monkeys, which is VERY GOOD and VERY BRAIN HURTY. We got chinese food and ate, and Nessa came over and we watched Fight Club, but I had to leave before it ended, but I know how it ends anyway.

Saturday I was at a WinterFest rehearsal from 9-5, effectively missing CTF, something I will be doing next week, and the week after, and the way things are going, probably the week after that as well. ANGER. But after the rehearsal, my family ate at a restaurant in the NEWLY COMPLETED DOWNTOW SILVER SPRING, called Panera which was totally awesome. If you order hot chocolate, you get a cup of hot chocolate bigger than the bowls they use for soup. And the soup bowls aren't so tiny. Tashty.

Today there was band practice. That was pleasant. But not as cool as being in the SGR Spectacular which is something I will do. It was supposed to be last week, but canceled because of snow, which is good, becasue Eris hasn't practiced together for like, two weeks. But now we are having busy-singer-problems. But it will all work out. We'll make it work, or die trying? You hear that, Stormy? DIE.
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