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The memoirs of a murdered weekend.
Friday after school Katie, Kate and I met Jeff at Mayorga. Leslie appeared and it was good. I got a really huge brownie and a chai, of course. We wrote poetry. I wrote a poem called Jeff. You can read it sometime if you ask. Heheh. As Jeff and I walked home, Jeff told me a very interesting theory of his, which is the cause of all my recent confusion.

Why am I so stupid? Writing stuff like this will only get me into trouble.

So I went home and played much bass at full volume. Nothing sounds bad with that much distortion. Yay!

On Saturday there was a Winter Festival rehearsal from 9-1. It sucked. I went to Capture the Flag really early, so I ended up hang out alone with just Greg and Z. That was weird, but pleasant; they are cool people. We had an extremely epic game, which I pretty much single handedly won. There were only six people: me, Eric and Dan Jaeggi on one team, vs Greg, Z, and Lily. Naturally, having such small teams changes the way you play, because every person is important. Anyway, so Eric and Jaeggi were tagged so I was alone on our side. Greg, Z and Lily all come over. Lily goes for the flag first but I TAG HER, so she runs to the jail to get freed by Z, but he can't do anything because I TAG HIM. Then behind me Greg tries to get the flag while I'm distracted, but I TAG HIM TOO. It all happened so fast that it took me a second to realize that I won the whole game, on defense no less. I realize I sound like a complete egomaniac here, but I think I deserve some recognition for this. The events of Winter Fest are not worth recording here.

Holy shit, they caught Saddam Hussein. Weird huh? Bush was right? No. Bush gets the white house? Probably...unless. There are a few possibilities.
  1. They caught him and told the world, all is well.
  2. They caught him long ago, but were just holding the info back until the most politically opportune moment.
Who knows?

On Sunday I went to Much Ado About Nothing, with Nora in the lead, kinda. I don't know if it was the lead, but it was a big part, and she was fantastic. So were Colin, and Eliot, and Sam, and Tara, and other various people who were fantastic. I've said this before, but every time I see a play that any of my friends are involved in I get this great urge to join Lumina or stage crew or whatever too. But I never do. I don't know why. I should. Winter Festival + ride afterwards leaving 45 minutes late = I missed all but 5 minutes of Katie's show. Arg. They were a good 5 minutes, though.

Then I got 2 extra hours to sleep, thanks to Jerry Weast's wussiness. Yay. I fucking hate school. I got a single C on my interim and my mom is like "Zack, how would you feel if we tried home-schooling for the second semester." And it sounds really great, but I couldn't handle leaving my friends, and I couldn't handle no capture the flag every day. There are people who I see at school who just perfect my day, that I would likely never see otherwise. Sometimes I wish everyone would just shun me so I could go get homeschooled and hate everybody and write wonderful music about how the world sucks. But I don't, and they wouldn't, and I don't want to, and I won't, and I can't, and it doesn't. Interpersonal relationships complicate everything.


PPS: To the Weekend of Doom crew: NEXT WEEKEND OF DOOM - DECEMBER 31ST, 2003. You know you want to. Contact me/Louis with objections/praise.
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