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Man, I LOVE winter break.
What a crazy few days. Today is the first day all break where I didn't have something planned. It was nice and relaxing. But doing stuff rocks. For example:

Friday was practice with Eris, this time +Gannett but -Elizabeth. Bad, bad Elizabeth. Much Adam-awe at whammy pedal. Mmmmwhammy. I wrote an embarrassingly 80s-video game sounding little thing. It makes me laugh. The practice was fun, if extremely un-productive. We did play a lot, just nothing we were planning to play for SGR. It was more a hanging-out-with-instruments than a practice. After, Kate and Katie and I saw Peter Pan. It was good, not mind blowingly awesome, but no complaints. I only ate half of the Reese's Pieces I got. That's why always get them at movies, they last. They bother Kate, though. But I care not.

Saturday was fun, I went to breakfast with Bruno's family at this place in Virginia, and they had really good ribs. After that Bruno and I went to Capture the Flag, and we played, and it was fun, and Bruno is actually surprisingly good at it, if only defense (not that I can say much, I suck at offense, but I kick ass defending. No one cares.) THEN we went to the CD Game Exchange, and I sold Disclaimer - Seether, Transistor - 311, and yes, VOIVOD. And in EXCHANGE I got In Utero - Nirvana, Core - Stone Temple Pilots, Dookie - Green Day, and Strictly Commercial - Frank Zappa. Yay! We went back to Bruno's and ate failed sandwiches and watched RAtM Live at the Olympic Auditorium, and naturally, it rocked. We didn't watch the whole thing, cuz Bruno is a poophead. We DID watch all of Dogma, though. I love that movie.

I had practice with Obelisk on Sunday. Alex wasn't there, so it was a lot more peaceful, but Eric and Ian were there, so it was a lot less practice, like I said, more of a hanging-out-with-instruments. But still fun. I hung out with Nessa and we talked a lot. I felt kinda bad, because Ian was right there and Nessa is focusing all her attention on me. Oh, well. Then I went home and Bruno came over at 4 and we went to Fugitive and Jeff and Carter and Juli and Nessa were there and it was fun. I was a fugitive for the first game and it took two people two hold me down, and I only surrendered because Jeff was sitting on my chest, which was facing up, and Bruno was sitting on my hip, which was facing to the side, effectively twisting me apart like...Something you twist apart. And I managed to not break my glasses despite all the violence, but then I put then down so I can fix my hair, and in the 2 minutes they are on the car that was jail, Bruno sits on them and pops a lens out and breaks the frame. Damn you! Then I'm a cop and Jeff is a fugitive, and I catch him in a corner, so he throws a fence at my face. A FENCE! AT MY FACE! Damn you too! Afterwards we went to Nessa's hung out and listened to STP and Frank Zappa (yay!).

Private message: It was wrong to say I wasn't sorry. I am sorry, not sorry for turning you down, but sorry for causing you any pain if I did. I think we have a lot more fun as friends, and that if we took it further, it would feel too complicated, too stressful, too much more to worry about. And I think if you think about it, if you think about the past, you'll see it's true. But I really respect you and I like hanging out with you, and aghIhatecliches we can still be friends.

Man, it's even cliche to hate cliches. How much does that suck?

Yesterday Lizzi and Jeff and I had another philosophockle. This one...not so good. The best (out of three, so you really can't tell) was the one in that alley with Leslie and Katie. Plus this one was really short. Oh well. Jeff and I went to the CD Game Exchange (again!) and I traded in In Utero for Golden State by Bush, Bessie In Utero was missing the back art work, and the cover art was like, glued to itself so I couldn't open it with out tearing it. I'll just get In Utero with my $90 BORDERS CARD! And Jeff gave me this thing from a magazine that if I send it in with the receipt from my whammy pedal, the proof of purchase, and 10 dollars, I get a FREE EFFECTS PEDAL. Which is cool. We went to Jeff's and played music for a while, and then I went home and chilled. And THEN I went to see SCHOOL OF ROCK with Jeff at THE AFI! It was gooood. And Jossie and Hannah were there. And I ate the last half of my Reese's Pieces. And afterwards we got posters. Yay!

Nothing exciting happened today. I went to CostCo with my parents and Michael. It sucked. CostCo is a scary, depressing place. We did go to this really good Mexican restaurant though. New Years Eve tomorrow. To quote Dan Curl "OMG explosion of fun" also "too much stuff to do. CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, SHIT BE FLICTED." Well, we'll see how things work out.
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