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"I never could get the hang of Thursdays..."
Extra points if you can identify to me what book that's from, more points for who said it, my soul if you can say in what context it was said. Today I finally achieved my goal: I flipped right over a rail today during capture the flag. It was awesome. I'm so mad myself for letting my family talk me into joining Winter Festival again, it's fucking up my entire weekend. I don't get to do anything I want, I have to get up at 8 to be at WES by nine on Saturday, I miss all but one Lumina play, I don't get to see The Lady's Not For Burning, I probably miss capture the flag, I probably don't go to band practice, I have an unpleasant and angst-filled Thursday. Argh. And I'm losing my memory or something, things come to me all day to put on here, and once I'm at the keyboard, it's all gone. Oh, well. Goodnight.
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