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Happy Festivus! ...whatever the hell THAT means...
Tuesday was fun. After school was CTF and somehow the teams ended up being Jews vs else. I am technically a Jew, so I was on the Jew team. We kicked ass. Bruno came, and did rather well. Props to Bruno. Anyway, then Bruno, Katie, Emily and I went to Old Town to meet up with Jeff, Alex, Lizzi and Jossie. Except Jeff went to a guitar lesson. But we had fun anyway. When we went to meet Jeff, I noticed that there were lots of pictures of people learning bass on the walls, and it turns out that Jeff's guitar teacher ALSO teaches bass. And he will teach me bass. And everything will be good. Everyone left, so it was just Katie and Emily and I. We went to Emily's house and played foosball and air hockey and watched that crazy guy from that chemistry video and Princess Mononoke. That movie rocks. I had never really hung out with Emily before, I have concluded that she is indeed cool.

Yesterday I had practice with Eris. It wasn't anymore productive than usual, but certainly fun. I learned Foxy Lady, and we wrote a song called I Killed The Pizza Man. And it was tasty. Then I went "Christmas shopping" in White Oak, which lead me to these thoughts:

I hate christmas shopping. I never have money, and I can never find just the right present. I know it's the thought that counts, but if you're going to the trouble, I think you should get one that means something, or just not at all. Gift giving is kinda stupid if you think about it too much.

On the other hand...

I GOT A WHAMMY PEDAL! IT IS THE COOLEST NOISE EVER TO GRACE MY EARS PRODUCED BY ME. Harmonics and pitch shifts and detuning. Coolest thing ever. And you don't get any more tripped out than a whammy pedal. All I need now are a distortion pedal and a delay pedal and I can send you on a wild hallucination without the acid! WOOT! Of course, I have no money... I also got 90 bucks for Borders so not only do I get a cool way to play music, I get cool music to play. Everything fits together. And I got MORE strings, something I can't get enough of.

I love music...
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