d a r k s i d e

w e l c o m e t o t h e m a c h i n e


I wish I were articulate enough to write a FUCK YOU list to everything I would like to. But I'm not. I can try anyway.
FUCK spirituality. Fuck "god", fuck "buddha", fuck "enlightenment", you are an animal just like everything else, the only thing that makes you different is that you know it.

FUCK education. Fuck cramming your brain with useless facts. Fuck what we need to know.

FUCK the american dream. Fuck owning land, fuck a paying job, fuck credit cards and consumerism.

FUCK MUSIC. Fuck thirds and fifths and sevenths, fuck power chords, fuck minor scales, fuck being original.

FUCK being good. Fuck self-restraint, fuck pacifism, fuck morals, fuck the other cheek.

FUCK stupid lists like this, fuck stupid people who would write stupid lists like this.

FUCK love. Fuck flirting and dating, fuck sexual tension, fuck baggage. Fuck trying to impress them. Fuck asking out and being asked. Fuck fucking, fuck making out.

FUCK anyone who thinks "I already saw something like this on that guy's xanga", I KNOW, shut up.

FUCK being finished.
That sucked. This will probably be added to in the future. Or, just as likely, in two days I will feel like the world is a wonderful place and everything is going my way. Let's hope for that, shall we?
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