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My sister and all her friends have lyrics in their profiles, but sometimes they omit one line or two, or skip a verse or something, so that it matches what they want to say. This is dumb. It's like at the stupid assembly at school they played they played "cool" music, and showed the lyrics on the screen, but not all of the lyrics, just the ones to do with their propagandistic message. Ugh.

My aunt and uncle are here with their incredibly cute 3 month old baby. This is the cool uncle, cuz he's the youngest on my mom's side, and he was in a band and plays guitar and all that good stuff. I showed him my bass and said "this is MY baby," and he said "nice baby." See? Cool. And he asked me what music I was into, and I said "you know Rage Against the Machine?" but I guess I was mumbling and he didn't understand me, so before he left, he said "what was that band you said?" and I said "Rage Against the Machine?" and he's like, "Oh, of course, I guess I misunderstood you." YES. Approval.
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