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Yet another cool Saturday - SCORE!
Today was a cool day. First I went to Aikido, and Mr. Cuffy had two of his judo students there, and they tought us cool throws. Then I went to band practice with Obelisk, and that was awesome. We sounded really good, mostly because I had a bass that worked. And OHHHH did it work. We are pondering trying out for the SGR Spectacular, with Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, although we have noone to sing it (I would gladly, but I can't sing and bass at the same time), and I don't quite know some parts for the bass, but whatever. If we do, I would be trying out with two bands, because Eris is probably trying out too. I'm beginning to worry about investing in two bands, because if on starts to go somewhere, I'll have to choose, and like Maynard says, it's like trying to choose which of your children you like better. Oh well. I doubt either of them will go anywhere, and I really don't care if they do anyway. I just want to play music. After band practice, I went to Cat in the Hat with Kate and Hannah R. and Sebi and someone else and Alex "spook". Heh. That movie was fucked up. I can't even describe it, you just have to see it. Agh! Then Sebi and I ran into Jay and Jimmy Lowe, and we went to Circuit City and looked at stuff and drew funny pictures on paint with the demo computers and setting them as the background. I drew a frowny face that said I HATE YOU, and I also drew the flaming eye, and under it "GO TO BEST BUY (at Jay's suggestion)." I had never really hung out with those two before. Tolerable, but not TOO pleasant. Now I'm home. Yay!
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