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weekend of \/\/ () () -|-
Posting from Digital Art. This class is much like Programming in speed, but the stuff she makes us do is fun, so it's ok. I'm finished with ALL the stuff I need to do toady, but class is only half over.

Saturday was Alex and Jeff's birthday party and it was GOOD. Louis and I forced people to listen to Pink Floyd, and we watched the moon go away (this is good, because I've missed all the recent celestial happenings), and we sung RAtM and Tool at the top of our lungs, and generally hung out, and we played Mafia, and we had cake, and watched Trogdor, and Jeff attacked me with a sub (sort of), and I hurt my elbow, and Gannet said "I don't know what jism is, but I want to be full of it." (she really didn't know what it is [it's semen]), and Alex and I beat eachother up in his backyard, and when the girls left we watched Family Guy and bits of The Battle of Mexico City, and stayed up until 4:30 talking. The only way it could have been better is if Jeff and I brought our gee-tars, but niether of us did because we both though the other wouldn't want to. How cool would it have been with Jeff and I playing along to Killing in the Name with Alex yelling it as loud as he can? Very cool. But it didn't happen. It was still the best party I've had the privilige to attend, yes, better than Louis's Bar Mitzvah in 7th grade. I think it was so good mostly because I love all the people there and also because there were no weird tensions in the air. I haven't been to a party without those for TOO long. It was tasty. Alex, Jeff, Lizzi, Gannet, Sebi, Hannah, Bruno, Katie, Emily, Louis, Nora, Carter, Jacki (in no particular order), THANK YOU for an all-encompassingly froody Saturday night. You guys ROCK! \/\/ () () -|- !

On Sunday I had a band practice with Martin and Alex (Gersabeck) and this guy named Colin, and everyone was very good, and I was SO good that I broke ANOTHER string. Now none of my basses have an E string, which is the BEST ONE. So I didn't get a part in the totally AWESOME jamming that was going on, but I could play along in my head, and damn, it sounded good. Colin Let me use his guitar afterward, and I sounded out what I wanted. Like I said, It was great. \/\/ () () -|-!

Altogether, a very pleasing weekend.
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