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Things are very boring lately. Except for a few things. Capture the flag, as usual remains exciting. Today, I succeeded in starting a game BEFORE the seniors got there. This was cool. For some reason we always wait for the seniors to get here to start but that makes no sense. Well, it does make sense. They are kinda the leaders, but I figure that since this is their last year here, and only like, two juniors play, and very rarely at that, that it will fall upon us sophomores to get it going next year. Which will be very cool. I tagged Chris today, and as I did, I stepped on the back of his shoe, which tore the bottom of my toe, the soft part between the pad part and my foot. Now, that sucks. One, it means shoes are mandatory for me for a while. Two, it hurts like a bitch. But it is some consolation that seniors are walking around out there with welts ion the shape of my hand. Heh. Also exciting is that next week I have my FIRST BASS LESSON! Should be definitely cool. I just hope that I have strings for my fretless by then. And my amp....
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