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My digital art class has a substitute teacher today, so naturally we are doing all sorts of thing which if we did with Mrs. Matthews would get us killed. SUCH AS: getting on the computers before the class even starts, liberal use of the internet (not as though I don't do that anyway), and my favorite part, listening to cds using the mac CD drive and headphones. Of course, if ANY other teacher comes in, it means instant death, but oh well, that's what I get. Anyway. Like I said, everything is boring lately. I'm listening to NIN. The Left disc of The Fragile. It's ok. Not really the kind of stuff that pleases me. I REALLY liked the Downward Spiral, but this one just doesn't have enough bass. Oh, wait no, I really like this one too. Heheh. There are so many cds I want to get, but whenever I go into a place where I could buy CDs, I can never remember what I want. So I've devised a plan. Step one: get a wallet. Step two: put a list of CDs into it, so that I'm never caught off guard. Or, step one: get a wallet. Step two: get lots of money to put in it. Step three: buy EVERY CD EVER. Step four: sell the ones I don't want. Nah, too complicated. OWWW. I need some earbud headphones, these ones (the kind that has the part that goes behind your head) are not glasses-compatible. Earbuds or contacts. Contacts with fire. Muahahah. Or plain white. That would be cool. I'm just writing to write, and noone's ever gonna read this whole thing. I write so fucking much, but it's all so boring, and any attepmt to not sound boring just souns like a failed attempt to not sound boring. It's like when I keep thinking of really cool song names...now I just need lyrics. In other news, the other day I heard (read) someone use the phrase "hoopy frood" without me telling them what it means. As in, a complete stranger. If you don't already know what that phrase means, you should DEFINITELY not be reading this website. Anywho, now I'm going to read xangas. And they better give me more pleasure than this is giving you, or I shall be disappointed.
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