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In recent news...
I went to the bandroom on Friday to try out on of the upright basses. VERY COOL. I played some RAtM, and I played You Lied with a BOW. Ka-RAzy. So then I went home for a while and cleaned, and got ready for HALLOWEEEEEEEN! I was enlightened, because I had a latex third eye, and I was crying zesty mint flavored tears. Will an I were very late, so although we were trick-or-treat-ing up in the Baltimore Ave. neighborhood, we weren't actually with anyone from that neighborhood. We had a WEIRD time. First of all, in the first few houses we went to, all the people were all really bitter. Like one guy says, "Here, take as much as you want, I don't want this crap anymoremuttermutter..." It was disturbing. Also, all the houses around there were FUCKING HUGE. Like, you knock on the door and someone opens the door and you see these cavernous entryways and tapestries on the wall. One house we went to, I noticed a cool end table they had, so I said, "Hey, cool table," and they say "Oh yeah, we have all sorts of great shit in here," and they invite us in and give us a tour of their house which is like a museum because they are ART COLLECTORS. Crazy. That was that house near Jequie Park with the weird fake dog in front, if you wanna check it out. I always though that dog was just a lawn decoration but no, it's ART. People kept saying "see you later" to us. That got me thinking, how many people do we say that to when we don't actually mean it? How many people do we see once, and then never see again? I'll tell you, most people you see on the street, that's it, you will never see those people again? Depressing? Yes. True? Yes, and irreversibly so, so get over it. We met up at Alex's house at 9 and hung out there for about 2 hours. Jeff said "The GOP is in the Donkey," and it was so dumb and we were so full of sugar that we couldn't stop laughing. Oh, haha, Will and I went by Nessa's house and her mom said she was at Juli's, so when we went by Juli's I asked if Nessa was there, so Juli's mom invited us in, and as we went down the stairs we saw IAN lying on the couch and Nessa sitting up very quickly and saying "Hi, what are you doing here." It was funny. And awkward. TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Anyway, so Alex's. Bruno and Will and I went back to my house to watch Reloaded, but we fell asleep before it ended. The next day I WANTED to go rock climbing but my mom made me stay home because she wanted me to clean, and we had this lunch thing with my grandparents because my great-aunt is in town. Anyway, so I did that. That night we had SSTTR rehearsal. Katie's brother was there to replace Sebi, and he was pretty damn good. Afterwards Kate and Katie and I TRIED to go to a Scary Movie 3 with Hannah R and Sebi, but we got food in Old Town first, and by the time we got there, not only had the movie been playing for half an hour, but it was sold out, too. So we went up to the Mall and did nothing until the movie ended. Then Kate and Katie got a ride with Hannah, and Sebi and I took the metro. Boring.

I'd be far more inclined to record my days if they were interesting. Or at least if they had climactic endings.
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