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I should be sleeping.
So I didn't end up staying awake all night, I went to bed at like, 6 because my mom came down and convinced me that I would function better with sleep. And she was right. I went to WES yesterday for the first time in months, because it was Stone Soup day. If you don't know what Stone Soup is, you fail. Will was there, and so was Emily and her incredibly beautiful friend Eleanor (I can say this because I don't think Emily ever sees this), and Sean, and Will and I had fun making modern art with the copying machine. And afterwards Nessa came, and Sean and I tried to tackle will and draw something phallic in sharpie on his neck, but we failed. It was interesting hanging out with Nessa. We got along really well, and that pleases me, because...well, you should know why it pleases me. Hmmm, interesting little thing...when Lilian and I were going out we had this symbol thing (yes, it's dumb, this was almost 4 years ago) that was like a Z with a line on one side. So once when Nessa and I were dating, we were at my house, and Sarah said something along the lines of "You two should have a symbol like you had with Lilian." So I drew a Z on top of an N (or vice versa, don't get any funny ideas) and it looked like a box with an X in it. So, anyway that whole explanation is leading up to me telling you that on Sunday, Nessa drew that on me. What does it mean? Heheh, and since Nessa has told me personally that she reads this all the time, I know this question will be answered, just a matter of time. And if not, I don't really care anyway. At WES I talked to Nancy Marrucci, one of the coolest people over 30 ever, and she had been to a TOOL CONCERT! And she told me all about it. I can't believe we have to wait til summer just to have Maynard even working with the rest of Tool again. Damn you, APC, DAMN YOU. After WES, my dad and I saw Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. It was pretty damn good. Today was a silly day. Silly as in nothing at all happened. Somewhere there is a parallel universe where everything the parallel universe me wants happens. Alas, in this reality, very little goes my way. Damn it, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: hormones suck.
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