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I hope I'm never famous...
On Monday we had an SSTTR performance, which despite the fabulous addition of Alex Frank, was the worst yet, because I forgot more than half my lines. Then afterwards, the children came a round and asked us for autographs. AUTOGRAPHS! FROM ME! I hated it. I never thought I'd have a chance to actually find out for sure what I felt about autographs, but now I know, and I intend to never sign another autograph as long as I live. Ugh. Tuesday we had band practice, except not really because Adam didn't show up, and Gannet had to leave like, half an hour after I got there. Oh, well. Today was weird. I felt really depressed in the morning, and then everything (ARG, my mom just got home and first thing she says to me is "Put on some headphones or turn it off!" Nice to see you too, mom. Whenever I have music on she's all "MUST you inflict that upon everybody?," but when she plays music it's SACRED and NO ONE can turn it off because it's GOOD. Ew.) from like, lunch after was all shiny and nice, or at least not so depressing. I don't know why. I played one of the most painful games of capture the flag ever. First I was trying to tag Campbell, and I slipped and rolled across a bunch of little rocks. Then a bunch of people were chasing Dan and I tagged him by getting in his way and having him ram into me at full speed. Yeah, ow. And then I was going after...Magin?...and I got blocked by Josh and somehow ended up slamming to the ground and sliding about on my hip. Not that any of this matters or anything, it's half the fun. Some people write things in themselves with razors, I play Capture the Flag. Heh. Instead of 7th period today we had an assembly on respect. I'm not going to even describe it, it just sucked. Pepsi, ugh. It was paid for by Pepsi. That's all you need to know. Fortunately I was able to spend 6 and a half minutes of it immersed in ├ćnema, which I had forgotten is one of the best songs on the planet. I mean, I knew it, but I hadn't experienced it in a while. Hmmm, that sliding on my hip has produced a bruise.
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