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I can't believe I did this:
WHY, oh why am I using Xanga? The world must be coming to an end, or something. I'm in programming, and almost everyone is working on a test that I finished halfway through LAST class. So for the last half hour, I've been doing....NOTHING!!! Yay! Today I am getting my amp back from Leslie's, and strings! Yay! Again! And Lizzi wins the non-existent comment-contest, because she left an interesting and affirming comment on my blog. Good FOR her. I'm going to stop this, I can't stand to betray my beloved Blogger anymore...
What's wrong with me? How could I go over to the xangaside? XANGACIDE!!! Die, xanga, DIE!!! This leads me to an interesting question:
Why do people blog?
I suppose I can only really answer for myself. I think I have this site for two reasons. First of all, I've always wanted to keep a journal, but somehow I never feel compelled to write things down, and being able to have a thing like this where I can just type everything is very good. Then there's the whole public element. It pleases me to know that there are people reading this, who come back to read this because it like, validates me somehow, makes me feel like I'm important. That's also why I'm so weirdly pressed over comments, knowing people are listening to you (er, reading) is a total ego-boost. I mean, it's not like I'd have a total psychological collapse if I knew that NO ONE reads this, but it makes me happy that people do. Another question:
Why SHOULD people blog, as in, what's the right approach to it?/Should people blog at all?
What I mean is, should I be looking at this like a journal, to keep my thoughts, or as a forum to get my thoughts out into the world? This is where that whole privacy issue comes into play. If there's something you don't want everyone knowing, you don't post it on the internet, simple as that. However...oh wait, looks like there's no however. That doesn't mean that you can't use a blog as a journal, just that you can't use a blog like a small book with a lock. If someone asks you not to read their blog, that's a different matter. While you don't really have to stop reading, if you respect the person, you will. Ok, I'm done philosophizing (it's my "phorte").

Music: I've found that it doesn't really matter to me whether or not the stuff I listen to is musically complex or the band is talented. It just has to rock. Two bands for example, the White Stripes and Eve6. It's really simple, basic stuff, but there's that passion, that sincerity that makes them rock really hard. Even Tool, really, I mean, it's better than Eve6 but there's more skill out there, but Tool is still my favorite band because they play with their whole being, and any music that does that is instantly good.

Wow, that was disparate.
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