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I am posting this at 1:30AM. As such, yesterday = 11/14, today = 11/15, tomorrow = 11/16. Read on...
Yesterday was my brother's birthday party, which means LASER TAG!!! It was so cool, Shadowland is so much better than LaserSport, it even made playing with little children fun. There was this one kid who kept getting mad at me for shooting him. MAD! FOR THE SHOOTING. Really now, what did he expect. He was all like, "Hey, come on, you can't do that," and I'm like, "huh, I thought I was playing laser tag ::shoots again::" Then he got hit in the face and felt sorry for him. ANYway, so on the way there I rode with my brother's friend's dad, who is cool because he plays BASS. He told me about some cool bass players and we listened to King Crimson, a band I've heard about because of frequent comparisons to Tool, but I had never actually heard. They're good, and I think King Crimson will be my next musical project. After laser tag I went and saw Revolutions with Jeff and Carter. While watching the movie, it was like a mix of total suspense and total just UGH, this is terrible. But then leaving the theater when it was over was just "Ohhhhhhhh, godddddddddd." So disappointing. WHY, WHY DO YOU PERSIST MISTERS WACHOWSKI, WHY? Today was the "gig" with Eris. Adam couldn't come so I had to take full bass duties which wasn't really that bad, but I was looking forward to playing some Rage and Tool with him. The "gig" was silly. To get there we loaded all out stuff in to this guys minivan and crammed ourselves in the back. When we got there, we were taking the stuff in, and Katie picked up my amp (which is big) and the guy is like "Nononono, let the men take that," and I felt offended on her behalf. Out of 5 hours we were there, we played like an hour total, spent about 2 hours total just sitting around/wondering what to play next, and two hours at lunch at a Mexican restaurant. The restaurant was fun, I made lemonade and yeah. Claire came too, even though she's not technically in Eris, she played a few songs. I had never really hung out with her before, just talked online mostly, but now I have, and I have come to the conclusion that Claire is cool. I played Schism alone, cuz noone knows it but me, and we played a few other songs, including American Pie, which I had never actually played before, but the lyrics had chords on them, so I played root notes and it didn't sound too bad. So anyway, we left and went back to Leslie's house to drop stuff off so that we didn't have to carry drums to Pericles (except for Elizabeth, who couldn't come). Then I realized that I didn't want to be lugging my amp around on busses and such, so I left my amp there, a decision which is now making me sad, because playing without an amp is very unsatisfying, and I have a practice tomorrow with Obelisk, and I'm not sure if Martin's system has a place to plug my bass...oh well. We took the bus to four corners to get food, and then to Blair, except that I had nothing to do for an hour, because we went at the stage crew time, because Gannet and Leslie are both on stage crew, Katie wanted to help with stage crew, and Claire is pseudo-stage crew. So I...I dunno what I did, it' s all a very pointless blur. Anyway, Pericles was good, it wasn't As You Like It at the Kennedy Center, but I enjoyed it. Better than Revolutions, at least. Yes, this is sad. Every time I go to a play in which there act people I know, I always get this left-out-jealousy feeling. The cast and crew has this kind of family connection thing somehow, and there's nothing really like that in my life. But I never join stage crew (I would never act) because I feel like I would be doing it just for that feeling of being a part of something, and not because I want to be on stage crew. Which makes me sad and kind of hopeless. Haha, so I was away from home for 12 hours and not once did I call my parents but they weren't home either, so it was ok. This post fizzled to a weak end much like Revolutions did. Sigh...
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