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a brief crisis
(Disgustipated) NO ONE was "off" with ANYBODY! EVER! Did I miss my chance? YES! Yes I DID. Does this please me? NO! A A A A A A H H H H H H H H H H ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Everyone should just leave me alone and not assume and stay out of my life and love me and never EVER ignore me and only care about me because I'm so stupid I can't even RANT without someone telling me to and the bad things! And I haven't even creid for two years which is a long time not to do something that is good for you and deserves doing now and again especially when things suck. And things suck. But tomorrow they won't. But maybe later tomorrow they will. I JUST DO NOT KNOW. It changes. AGH! NEVER! NO, I'm not DONE yet. Mayber I just pretend to be happy and optimistic and all, amybe on the inside I'm this weird insecure schizoid who doesn't even SLEEP when he ought to becasue he has a band thang the next day which will take energy and starts at 12 and why even spell, anyway? People know what you mean. It's like when no amount of words can possibly describe the feeling becasue it's just so bland and dreary that everythign is grey and you don't even know if it's an e or an a but i still doesn't even matter and these run-on sentences get boring and old and repetaticve. And I'm just so BLEH that I can't even write lyrcis, there's no intensity, it's just like a deep seated existential boredom that makes you want you stay up all night putting stupid thoughts on the internet were everyone could see but noone cares. YOU!! Yes, YOU! She said no, you're not TAKING her to a movie you're going to the same movie at the same time with intent of talking to eachother some. Fool. (enter Stinkfist) And the stupid waiting didn't help either, just go FOR it and fuck the onsequences there's always a tomrrow, except when there isn't, but I have yet to experience this particular phenomenon. She loves me? She loves me not? A question, not a wish (or is it?). Hahah, everybody gets to this part and you are all just like, "wuhhhhh?". Hahah, die.

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